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How Koyo Kouoh is getting Zeitz Mocaa museum back on track

Over the past five years Kouoh has been turning around the fortunes of one of Africa's biggest museums, focusing on its collection, governance and funding streams

Is Qatar's Fifa World Cup a lesson in artwashing?

Plus, how long left of the good times in the New York auction world? And abstract Black figuration

Hosted by Ben Luke. With guest speakers Hannah McGivern and Georgina Adam. Produced by David Clack, Aimee Dawson and Henrietta Bentall
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'My blood is my legacy': Joël Andrianomearisoa on representing Madagascar at the 2019 Venice Biennale and opening a museum in his hometown

Ahead of shows in Cape Town and Marrakech, the Malagasy artist reflects on how both his island country and his adoptive home, Paris, have shaped his practice

Zeitz Mocaa appoints new director following #MeToo scandal

Koyo Kouoh, who founded RAW Material Company in Dakar, replaces Mark Coetzee who was accused of misconduct

Zeitz Mocaa: Africa’s private ‘Tate Modern’ must do more for its public

More than a year after opening, the Cape Town museum’s curatorial and educational record has yet to live up to its promise

Zeitz Mocaa director Mark Coetzee embroiled in #MeToo scandal

Curators accuse the Cape Town museum director of inappropriate and abusive behaviour, according to local reports

Mark Coetzee suspended from the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa

An inquiry has been launched into the executive director and chief curator’s professional conduct

The year in Museums

Private money makes its mark


Podcast episode two: Zeitz Mocaa and London autumn preview

The lowdown on the new Thomas Heatherwick-designed museum in Cape Town. Plus: London's most enticing shows this autumn

Hosted by Ben Luke, Cristina Ruiz and Jane Morris. , produced by Julia Michalska and David Clack

Inside Zeitz Mocaa: our guide to Cape Town’s new mega-museum

From spectacular architecture to an army of curators, what you need to know about Africa’s landmark contemporary art institution