James Hall


#Menudetoo: naked bodies in the Renaissance explored at the Royal Academy of Arts and in three new publications

Examining the many meanings—and inanities—ascribed to the unclothed human body in Western art


Make it look like me: the Pygmalion complex across the ages

On the myriad meanings of Medieval speaking sculpture, artists’ models, mannequins and royalty in wax


Books: Art not made by artists and trends in art production

When artists subcontract technicians to make the works they design, who’s the artist?


James Hall argues in defence of iconoclastic art

A response to critic Andrew Graham-Dixon’s opinions on the power of images as expounded in his current BBC tv series

Interview with Nicholas Logsdail: Lisson's founder in both expansive and expansionist mood

Contemporary art dealer affirms his confidence in the artists he works with by doubling the gallery space at the Lisson

Tony Craggarchive

Perfunctory eulogising: Tony Cragg

A book on the artist, who shows at the Lisson until 3 August

Nick Serota on his second Tate rehang and his vision for what will be “one of the great museums of late twentieth-century art”

Defending his acquisitions and looking to the future, Serita talks on exhibitions and an international outlook