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Orthodox Church seeks control of Moscow icon museum

The fate of Ryazan's Art and History Museum could set a precedent for restitution


Moscow dealers to open art centre in former wine factory

Businessmen and collectors fund $4m complex

Fake art: “Criminality in the Russian art market has reached alarming levels”

Tretyakov curator speaks out and admits being taken in by forgers


Billionaire to open first private museums in Russia

Viktor Vekselberg will establish galleries in St Petersburg and Moscow to display his own art as well as works belonging to other private collectors

Russia’s largest private gallery opens

Collector and dealer Alexander Yakut's new enterprise is his most ambitious yet

Siberian billionaire funds $3m Hermitage exhibition tour

Industrialist Oleg Deripaska has become the Russian museum’s most generous private donor—even if his support is part of a public relations initiative

Swedish museum faces Russian restitution claim

The Konstmuseum in Malmö allegedly kept works lent to the gallery before the outbreak of the First World War


Russian Court sanctions Church censorship

Director and curator charged with “incitement of national, racial, or religious enmity”

Russia pledges 120 million rubles to restore warping wooden church

Built without a single nail, the Church of the Transfiguration of the Saviour will have to be taken apart in order to save it


Putin’s unexpected support for archaeologists may be warning to construction industry

He ordered the governor of Novgorod to make builders wait until archaeologists had finished excavating

Incoming Russian minister dismisses German restitution claims

Alexander Sokolov does not seem interested in returning looted art

Malevich painting finally authenticated

Traces of Malevich's signature found on 1913 painting

Russian Minister on looted Baldin collection: “This collection should be returned and we will return it”

A legal loophole may enable the restitution to Germany of a collection taken to the USSR by a Soviet army officer in 1945

Recent developments in restitution claims in Russia prove that some art theft is 'legitimate'; when it is committed by a government that is recognised by nations around the world

Unlike the heirs of Nazi victims, the descendants of collectors whose art was appropriated by the Bolsheviks are unlikely to have it returned

Moscow property development threatens site of Malevich grave

Local authorities have not been sympathetic towards Malevich's estate where he was buried

A failing Russian bank exposes a climate of fear and suspicion over ownership of Malevich’s “Black Square”

The painting is currently with Russia's Culture Ministry, though Malevich's heirs dispute the bank's original ownership

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Further cultural valuables to be returned to Germany

A medieval stained-glass window to return to Frankfurt-an-der-Oder, while Germany will pay for the rebuilding of a 14th-century church in the Pskov region

Warhol tour begins in Russia

Russia’s first Andy Warhol exhibition has opened at the State Hermitage Museum

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Art and archaeology falls casualty to the Chechen war

The collections of two museums in Grozny have disappeared and the region’s distinctive stone towers are caught in the crossfire

Malevich heirs gunning for Amsterdam’s Stedelijk

Museum bought works after artist abandoned them in Berlin

State Hermitage Museum's show of Iranian jewellery from Patti Birch's collection recalls an age where the export of archaeological finds was legal

The Shah's policy decreed that private individuals could sponsor excavations and keep a portion of the finds


A room full of MoMA in St Petersburg's Hermitage Museum

This marks the first in a series of planned loans of modern and contemporary American works from MoMA to the Hermitage

Environmental protection in Russia, aqua alta on the Neva

Unlike Venice, St Petersburg is building a flood barrier, but needs more money

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Dutch government cuts Mondrian Foundation's sponsorship budget

Holland will not be participating in the Biennales of Sidney and São Paolo as a result