Linda Goddard

Venice archive

How to save the stones of Venice?

The sculpture that adorns the churches and palaces of Venice is being damaged beyond retrieval by pollution and vandalism

Tate's exhibition explores the modernity of Ruskin's views on art

His support of modern art was characterised by a missionary zeal

“Art nouveau” at the V&A and “1900” at the Grand Palais. Unity of the arts

Artists and designers 100 years ago were united in their embrace of modernity


Eco-warriors: in Tel Aviv a dangerous rubbish dump has inspired artists Vito Acconci, Cai Guo-Qiang, Mark Dion and others

“Hiriya in the museum” at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art consists of nineteen proposals for the rehabilitation of the site

Art fairsarchive

Established fair experiments in Art Cologne's twenty-third year

Big names for private collectors and big sculptures for museum curators