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What’s wrong with creating an art mega-complex in Arles?

Maja Hoffmann is spearheading a vast multidisciplinary arts complex spread over 15 acres of an industrial site

Building a bridge from van Gogh to Sun Ra

A curator draws unexpected associations in an enthralling ten-artist show at the Vincent van Gogh Foundation centering on the sun

An Outsize Dose of Gilbert & George

Grandiosity runs wild in the duo's vast retrospective at Luma Arles

Artists bring a breath of the contemporary to the Getty Villa

Plato in LA: Contemporary Artists Visions is a group exhibition marking the precedent-shattering debut of contemporary art at the Getty Villa

Hockney’s sitters face their painted selves at Lacma

The real subject in the show, and the source of each portrait’s fascination, is the tension between self-image and outward appearance

Jumex Museum show looks at the fall of the Utopian ideal in Latin America

Mexico City museum is becoming a private institution that actually serves the public interest

The Flux-Labyrinth: a multisensory bombardment from a more innocent time

The reconstruction of a playful installation from the 1970s at Frieze New York  failed to fully conjure its original anarchic, prankster spirit

Interview with Antony Hegarty: “I think the art world is where I belong”

The musician explains why he is performing in the stage production The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic


Marina Abramovic, Doug Aitken and Matthew Barney are leading the way in a new kind of theatrical art

"In long, durational performance, you change the performer and the public" says Abramovic

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Lynda Benglis: not a material girl

The artist on the 1970s feminist movement, unsolicited opportunities and that legendary Artforum advert