Maev Kennedy


Spanish art dealer returns carved stones from a Nabatean temple to Jordan

Helped by an Oxford academic, Diego López de Aragón raised the alarm after acquiring the pieces from the estate of a Spanish diplomat and collector

Princess Margaret’s delicate Dior dress conserved for Victoria and Albert Museum show

Stains on the lavishly decorated gown—made for royal's 21st birthday—show that it had gone to some good parties

Churchill's 'strongest link' in the Battle of Britain: new museum tells story of Biggin Hill airfield

Bitter campaign against the new museum, comparing design to concentration camp structure, almost derailed the project

Charles Dickens’s great expectations about his attire

The esteemed 19th-century author was also a renowned dandy whose passion for fashion increased with his fame and fortune

How pioneering climate-change science dated one of Britain's oldest houses

Landmark Trust's restoration finds that oak timber used to build Welsh house was felled in the winters of 1418-19 and 1420-21

How a Roman sarcophagus—going on sale this week—was emptied for a pug

Skeleton of young man was evicted to make way for the body of the first Duke of Buckingham and Chandos's pet dog

Portrait of Gainsborough's nephew will sparkle in National Portrait Gallery show thanks to conservators

The painting, which took the artist less than an hour to paint, was restored for the National Portrait Gallery's exhibition opening in London this week

Restoration of rare English Medieval altarpiece reveals a history of serial vandalism

The Battel Hall retable, which survived the fury of 16th-century iconoclasts, bears later scars of graffiti and "witchmarks" against evil spirits