Vincent Noce

France’s culture minister tests positive for Covid-19

Franck Riester was due to meet with representatives from the country’s arts and culture spaces about the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, but is now resting at home

Old Master scandal dealt fresh blow as Court of Appeal rejects arrest warrant

French investigation into Giuliano Ruffini, the prime suspect in the case, is hampered by Milan ruling

Old Master scandal: Italy rejects European arrest warrant for painter connected to forgery case

Lino Frongia was arrested in September as part of a major investigation involving works purportedly by Lucas Cranach, Frans Hals, Parmigianino, Gentileschi and Bronzino


France reconfirms that women baring their breasts in public is illegal—even for artists and protestors

Two women who are part of the Ukrainian feminist group Femen were charged for topless protests, one of which was in a Paris museum

Alleged Bronzino seized from the Alana Collection in connection with ongoing Old Master scandal

French customs officials have barred the return of Saint Cosmos to the US following its inclusion in a show at the Jacquemart André Museum in Paris

Federal charges could lead to deeper scrutiny of Cambodian art in the US

Major museums hold works linked to prolific collector accused of smuggling and fraud

France promises to return 26 looted Benin artefacts by 2021 and opens talks on 'wider set of works'

But restitution depends on the adoption of a law covering these specific items, while Benin secures a location to house them

'A victory of justice over big money': criminal case against art dealer Yves Bouvier dismissed by Monaco court

Verdict is likely to have a domino effect on all other cases filed by Russian billionaire collector Dmitry Rybolovlev

Sotheby's wins case over 'modern forgery' Frans Hals

A London-based investment company must repay more than $5.3m to the auction house, which refunded an American client for work

French court upholds suspended sentence for Picasso's former electrician

Pierre Le Guennec and his wife Danièle hoarded 271 works for 40 years

The French general’s advice to Notre Dame's chief architect: ‘Just shut up!’

A public spat between officials erupted this week in Paris over the reconstruction of the fire-ravaged cathedral and whether its historic spire should be restored as it was or a new spire built in its place

Painter linked to Old Master forgery case appeals arrest warrant

Italian court postpones decision over Lino Frongia's arrest and transfer to France until February

A 'destructive act': scholars criticise sale of pages separated from 15th-century Persian manuscript

Christie's defends decision to sell two illuminations, expected to make up to £1m each, as they were removed from The Paths of Paradise 30 years ago

Louvre Leonardo show: forget Salvator Mundi, focus on Vasari

Forthcoming exhibition on the Renaissance master reveals ground-breaking new research on Italian literary sources

Paris exhibition to cast El Greco in new light

Survey at the Grand Palais aims to distance itself from the stereotypes usually associated with the artist

Louvre director plots great collections reshuffle

In an exclusive interview, Jean-Luc Martinez reveals his big plans for the museum and why 250,000 objects must leave Paris

Salvator Mundi set to be a no-show in Louvre show

Paris museum's attempts to secure $450m Leonardo look doomed to failure, and the loser will be art history

Louvre secures key Italian loans for Leonardo retrospective

The Vitruvian Man—normally only shown for a few weeks every six years—will travel from Venice’s Gallerie dell'Accademia to Paris

Pre-Columbian auction in Paris goes ahead in face of protest from Guatemala and Mexico

Although one Mayan relief was withdrawn, the Mexican government condemned the "illegal" sale but auctioneer Millon defends it as "perfectly legitimate"

Old Master fakes scandal: warrant issued for dealer Giuliano Ruffini as painter Lino Frongia arrested

Suspect has been jailed in northern Italy over case that has embroiled major international museums and dealers

Paris fair struggles to move on from forged furniture fiasco

Criminal investigation launched three years ago into Parisian dealers at La Biennale continues to diminish confidence in the event's integrity

Vote on Icom's new museum definition postponed

Decision over the controversial update was made at the general assembly in Kyoto on the weekend

What exactly is a museum? Icom comes to blows over new definition

As 50-year-old statement is overhauled, feuds over new description could "seriously weaken" the International Council of Museums

Isenheim altarpiece restorers invite visitors in

Laser imaging comes to aid of restoration of 16th-century paintings and sculptures

Biennale Paris vetting committee co-presidents withdraw two months before the fair is due to open

Chairmen of the CNE and the SFEP say the fair's vetting experts disagree over the admission of two exhibitors to this year's edition

France retreats from report recommending automatic restitutions of looted African artefacts

Suggestions from controversial Savoy-Sarr report were all-but buried at a conference held in Paris

Château de Versailles buys back €4m royal commode that left France after Louvre missed its royal mark

The piece of furniture by Bernard II van Risenburgh, which left for the US almost four decades ago, was commissioned by Louis XV for his stepdaughter

The Mona Lisa is on the move this summer at the Musée du Louvre

The Leonardo painting, which is seen by thousands of visitors each day, is temporarily leaving its home during renovations to the gallery

Ignored by the Louvre, 'lost' Caravaggio bought in private sale is destined for 'important museum'

Estimated to sell between €100m-€150m at auction on Friday, an anonymous buyer has snapped up the disputed painting that was discovered in a French attic