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Podcast episode three: how the Getty is shaping southern California’s art scene

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The story behind Pacific Standard Time in Los Angeles; Ming Wong on the historic queer art show in Taipei. Plus: an exclusive audio work by Zardulu the Mythmaker

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Episode 3 The Art Newspaper

In the podcast

  • Our Los Angeles correspondent Jori Finkel tells the story behind Pacific Standard Time (PST), a collaborative cultural programme that includes more than 70 shows and events at almost 80 partner institutions across the county. This year's theme, LA/LA, looks at the culture of Los Angeles and Latin America.
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  • Currently on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei is the first ever exhibition at a government-run museum in Asia of queer art. The exhibition Spectrosynthesis: Asian LGBTQ Issues and Art Now, features 51 works by 22 artists and follows a historic ruling in May that paves the way for Taiwan to become the first place in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage. Lisa Movius, our correspondent in China, spoke to the Berlin-based, Singaporean artist Ming Wong, who is taking part in the show.
Tzeng Yi-Hsin Olympia (2014) Courtesy of Tzeng Yi-hsin
  • Zardulu, the mythmaker, is a performance artist behind some of the internet’s most popular viral stories—a rat taking a selfie on the New York subway, a three-eyed fish caught in the Gowanus canal, and many more she has yet to uncover. These fabricated situations aim to bring fantasy into the real world, to inject mythological meaning into everyday life. We asked her to look at another viral video and tell us what message could be gleaned from it.
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