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Podcast episode one: Nazi loot and Rachel Whiteread

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Nazi-loot conference at London’s National Gallery. Plus: Rachel Whiteread on “mummifying the air” at Tate Britain

In our first podcast Martin Bailey reports from a major conference on Nazi loot and tells us about how he himself had a hand in returning a stolen treasure. Then, our host, Ben Luke, takes us to Rachel Whiteread's new survey show at Tate Britain and speaks to the Turner Prize-winning artist about "mummifying the air" through her sculptures.

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Episode one The Art Newspaper

In the podcast

  • The moment that the librarian at the Benevento cathedral kissed the Beneventan Missal when it was returned in 2010.
The return of the Beneventan Missal Martin Bailey
  • Rachel Whiteread with a work from her 2013 show Detached at London's Gagosian Gallery.
Rachel Whiteread The artist and Gagosian Gallery

Want to find out more?

Read Martin Bailey's coverage of the Nazi loot conference at the National Gallery here.

Read our contemporary art correspondent, Louisa Buck's blog post on Tate Britain’s grand annual party, where Rachel Whiteread stole the show.

Appeared in The Art Newspaper, 293 September 2017