Holburne Museum

The Buck stopped here

Grayson Perry collaborations and pansexual pageants: James Birch reflects on a fabulous life


Angry early works from Grayson Perry's "pre-therapy" years reunited for Bath show

Collectors, enthusiasts and friends loan works that channel subculture of Margaret Thatcher’s Britain

Edouard Vuillard

A mini magnificence: Edouard Vuillard at Bath's Holburne Museum

Odd points of view and tense interior scenes feature in an exhibition of small, precious works from early in the artist's career


George Shaw: 'I make no distinction between great painting and great TV'

On The Art Newspaper podcast, the British painter discusses the diverse influences, from Hockney and Rembrandt to the children’s television series Grange Hill, that have informed his paintings of the estate where he grew up

In the frame

Have you got a Grayson Perry in the attic?