J. Paul Getty Museum

Pacific Standard Time

Next edition of Pacific Standard time looks at the intersection of art and science

The Getty-led PST: Art x Science x LA is due to be held in 2024

Conservation & Preservation

Stolen in 1985, a recovered de Kooning will undergo conservation treatment

University of Arizona Museum of Art will send its painting, damaged by the thief, to the Getty


Italian court says Getty Museum must surrender prized bronze Statue of a Victorious Youth

The Los Angeles institution counters that it will keep on fighting to maintain the linchpin of its collection


The Getty’s Renaissance Nude explores issues of power and sexuality—but don’t expect a #metoo reckoning

The show includes male and female examples for historic accuracy, its lead curator says


Is contemporary art the kale of the art world?

The rise in popularity of the green vegetable mirrors that of contemporary art


Antiquity gets a fresh twist at revamped Getty Villa

New displays draw out connections between Graeco-Roman world and ancient Middle East


A golden age in the Americas when even artists were 'spoils of war'

Indigenous peoples valued luxury objects more as tools of statecraft and for communicating with the divine than for their precious metals

Conservation & Preservation

Pastels: the 18th century’s answer to Photoshop

Getty show explores the versatility of the medium


The Getty, the world’s richest museum, hunts for wealthy patrons

Some are concerned that new fundraising drive will lure donors from other Los Angeles institutions


The top ten museum acquisitions of 2017

We look back at some of most important purchases and donations that entered public collections this year