Amedeo Modigliani

Revealed: the secrets behind Antonia, Modigliani’s ‘most complex work’

Researchers at C2RMF give an exclusive preview of their forensic study of all the artist's works in French museum collections

Status of $4.8m Modigliani painting challenged as legal battle over artist's catalogues raisonnés ramps up

French expert Marc Restellini claims substantial modifications to Italian painter's 1915 portrait of Beatrice Hastings were not mentioned by Christie's when the picture was sold—twice

War declared over lucrative Modigliani 'monopoly' as Wildenstein Plattner Institute fights back at Marc Restellini

Institute is claiming copyright ownership and right to publish expert’s research, alongside share of profits from Institut Restellini which it claims charges €30,000 per inquiry

Forensic examination of all Modigliani works in French museums gets under way

Comprehensive analysis of 29 pieces from ten institutions could be “the best weapon against forgery”

Modigliani the maverick? Vienna show to position Italian artist alongside Picasso

Exhibition at the Albertina Museum in 2020 will “reposition” artist as an avant-garde innovator, organiser says

Sotheby's to offer Modigliani nude with $150m estimate, one month after it was shown at Tate

The work is the largest in the artist's most sought-after series of pathbreaking Modern nudes

Twenty Modiglianis seized by police in Genoa are fake, expert confirms

Works were exhibited at Palazzo Ducale in July when they were confiscated by the authorities

Three to see: London

From Modigliani’s "indecent" nudes to two shows exploring very different relationships

Tate Modern takes special precautions to make sure its Modiglianis are real in market bedevilled by fakes

New exhibition will look at artist’s early sculpture and include nude from show once shut down for indecency

Art marketarchive

Art Deco, classic cars and tribal art drive sales in France but growth remains sluggish

Single-owner consignments and a €13.5m portrait by Modigliani help Sotheby’s emerge ahead of its rivals in a stagnating market


Books: Tiepolo and Modigliani’s journeys to New Jersey

Princeton University Art Museum has produced a catalogue on its Italian Old Master drawings

“Impeccable” Modigliani star of Paris auction

Held in the Alexandre family for generations, the painting is considered a time capsule

Modigliani drawings show at Harris Lindsay

16 works originally given to Paul Alexandre help kick off London Art Week

Modigliani archive ruling against granddaughter

Nechtschein-Modigliani does retain moral rights over the artist's work, however

Modigliani catalogue raisonné still years away

Competing claims and potential conflicts of interests delay publication, originally scheduled for 2006

Art marketarchive

Catalogues raisonnés rivals dispute Bonhams’s Modigliani

The authenticity of Jeune Fille aux Cheveux Noirs is questioned, but only by some experts

Nazi lootarchive

We don’t own that Modigliani: restitution case faces legal dilemma

Nahmads say the contested painting belongs to another organisation

Pushkin accused of displaying a fake

Growing concerns over authenticity of Modigliani portrait on show in Moscow museum

Modigliani breaks auction record in France

Christie's Paris sold the work to an anonymous phone buyer

Modigliani museum closes amid owners’ dispute

Brothers fall out over future of artist’s childhood home in Livorno

Modigliani scholar faces trial for fraud

Christian Parisot is accused of faking drawings by the artist’s lover Jeanne Hébuterne

Police search Montparnasse Museum in Modigliani fakes investigation

Up to 1,000 forged works are circulating on the market, says expert

Modigliani sold to Russian buyer

The artist's portrait of Picasso is now part of a Moscow private collection

Owner of Reynolds’ Portrait of Omai has also loaned Modigliani to Dublin’s National Gallery

Horse breeder John Magnier has given seven other paintings to the institution for at least six years—exempting him from tax should the works be sold

French museum sends Léger, Picasso and Modigliani on tour of Japan

Japanese enjoy art more than French, says curator of Lille Métropole Museum of Modern Art

Modigliani at Musée du Luxembourg: l’ange au visage grave

It will be the first Modigliani show in Paris for 40 years

Letter: Modigliani needs art historical approach

Dr Kenneth Wayne says scholarship is the way forward

The dangerous, fake-riddled world of Modiglianis

Death threats, market interests and too many specialists bedevil research into the subject

Art marketarchive

Most expensive works of art at auction, January to December 1999

The top twenty has Cézanne at the top with a new record from Sotheby's

430 unknown drawings by Modigliani brought to light as the son of the artist's best friend releases a new book

The works were collected day by day, from 1907 to 1914, by Paul Alexandre during the artist’s stay in Paris

Enigma by Clifford Irving delves into the fakes and forgeries of Elmyr de Hory

Over 20 years after it was originally written, Irving's book finally sees the sun


Books: Modigliani and Hébuternein in bohemia

Semi-scandalous biographies of artists are all the rage

What's on in Switzerland: Johns, Gorky, Modigliani and light

The arts continue to flourish despite deep cuts to grants

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