Berlin State Museums

No plans to return Berlin's star museum attractions Nefertiti and Pergamon Altar, German official says

Statement comes after Berlin state secretary for diversity and anti-discrimination spoke out in favour of restituting the artefacts to their countries of origin

Gerhard Richter to loan Holocaust works—that he vowed never to sell—to new Berlin museum

Loan of over 100 works to future museum of Modern art encompasses Richter’s Birkenau series, the fruit of a decades-long quest for an artistic response to the Holocaust

Meet the man overhauling Berlin's 'dysfunctional' museums in wake of bombshell report

Head of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Hermann Parzinger, responds to an expert panel’s call to dismantle Germany’s biggest arts body

US Supreme Court agrees to hear Berlin museums' appeal in lawsuit over restitution of medieval treasures to Jewish heirs

Panel will consider museums' argument that a trial over rightful ownership of the Guelph Treasure cannot be heard in American courts

Berlin museums announce ‘painful’ end to loan of 'one of the world’s most outstanding contemporary art collections'

Prestigious private Flick collection, including works by Giacometti, Duchamp and Bruce Nauman, has been on loan to Berlin for 17 years


Berlin museums consider the Flick collection rejected by Zurich

The contemporary art belongs to the grandson of Nazi industrialist, Friedrich Flick

Berlin State Museums will restitute two works to family of concentration camp victim

The Van Gogh drawing and Hans von Marées painting were part of a large collection which was forcibly auctioned

New chief Klaus-Dieter Lehmann wants more autonomy for Berlin’s State Museums

The incoming chair of the Preussischer Kulturbesitz thinks change is needed, but collector Heinz Berggruen defends outgoing museum director’s record


A Berlin homecoming: Interview with collector Heinz Berggruen on his collection's new home

After leaving Berlin in 1937, Berggruen will be placing his collection - which will go on show this autumn - on a ten-year loan with the Berlin State Museums