Chinese art

Guggenheim's China exhibition: everything but the kitchen sink

This mega-show spanning five millennia focuses on “diversity rather than unity”, insists its organiser Sherman Lee, but does it risk homogenising Chinese art into a timeline?


Collector interview: Yonfan offers a tribute to the Princess of Wales from Hong Kong to Paris

Photographer and film director Yonfan has given eight Chinese paintings to the Musée Guimet in Paris


Collector profile: David Tang, the Jay Gatsby of Hong Kong?

David Tang mixes modern Chinese art with the smartest, retro-style club in Hong Kong and his own frantic life-style

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A growing and buoyant Chinese art market suggests “No one should underestimate the strength of the Chinese diaspora”

1996 saw high prices and new records with the Chinese determining the shape and make up of future sales

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Shanghai is taking to meishu, for the first time an art scene is emerging in China’s most commercial city

With the Shanghai Museum expanding this month, a modern art museum planned for two years hence and a dozen serious commercial galleries likely in 1997

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Chinese privatise their auction scene

Rapid advances as new companies model their catalogues and conditions of sale on Western models

As economic development lays bare China's archaeological heritage, the government struggles to keep up with protecting the past

The Three Gorges dam and a number of smuggling stories highlight the difficulty of preserving the country's heritage


Taiwan round-up: Belgian Expressionists, Warhol and a new museum in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts opens a year ahead of schedule

A gallery with a new vision of Chinese art opens at the V&A this month

Daring to say “This is rare and beautiful” in new V&A Chinese gallery