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Chinese auction data lacks credibility

Leading British university research questions saleroom reporting


Some of the leading contemporary art collectors of China

While the stereotype of Chinese collectors includes a focus on traditional and historical Chinese art, these collectors buck the trend


How the missing Zodiac fountain heads continue to be a sore point for China

Several have appeared at auction in recent years; the whereabouts of five remain unknown


Saatchi purchase makes collector Howard Faber think again

$6m from sale of Chinese paintings, including a Zeng Fanzhi, encourages him to review his remaining collection


MoMA buys Chinese contemporary photographs including works by Ai Weiwei and Sheng Qi

Twenty-eight pieces have been purchased from collector Larry Warsh

“I always insist that the artist must be given carte blanche”: Interview with Huang Yong Ping

The artist discusses his work, politics, censorship, “fake art” and the Beijing Olympics


Meet China’s top collector of contemporary art

Guan Yi tells us about his plans to open a museum and sculpture park on a 16.5-acre plot of land in Beijing


We talk to Zhang Hao Ming, part-owner of Beijing’s Art Now gallery which took part in Art Basel for the first time in June

Telecoms millionaire, restaurateur, hotelier, reality TV producer, gallery owner and collector


Contemporary art chosen for new US embassy chosen “to connect” to China

The new embassy in Beijing, opening in August, will include art by Jeff Koons, Cai Guo-Qiang, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Rauschenberg, and others

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The auction houses are distorting our understanding of Chinese art

Chinese auction house data deemed unreliable and misleading as not all artists have made it to the salesroom yet


Phillips de Pury plans seven-hour sale during Frieze week

The sales include the private collection of Marino Golinelli


1.3 billion Chinese people, but still not many substantial collectors of Chinese contemporary art

Here are the best known: one Swiss, one Chinese, one Belgian, three American and one British

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Installation withdrawn from Huang Yong Ping retrospective due to feud over restoration responsibility and costs, then sold at auction

Institutions are powerless to prevent such abuses, says Walker Art Center deputy director Philippe Vergne

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Specialist Barbara Pollock questions value of contemporary Chinese art

Pollock is forthright about her distrust of the current auction market in China


A turn of the tides: Art is flowing back to China as the Chinese market grows

Overseas collectors are shipping work to China for sale in the growing number of auction houses


Interview with Sherman Lee: “Innovation, wherever it occurs, is ‘modern’, and people could be more modern in ancient times than we are now”

One of the great connoisseurs of our time, the curator of the current exhibition of Chinese art at the Guggenheim talks about Chinese art seen from within and without

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The sale of Chinese porcelain triumphed during Asia Week

Excellent results for an exemplary group of Chinese porcelain

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Following the postponement of Asia Week due to the World Trade Centre attack, sales flopped amid scant enthusiasm

Gandharan sculpture did well in an otherwise difficult week at the postponed Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions

Diary of a dealer: veteran Asian art dealer Robert H. Ellsworth states “provenance is worth one-third of the price”

The market is driven by supply and demand and not by collectors’ taste, says veteran dealer in Asian art

Ming and Qing Chinese ceramics: A flood of fakes from Jingdezhen

Forgers reportedly work to order from Sotheby’s catalogues

What's on in London: Gwen John times two, with lots of unseen work

Fontana moves from Hayward exhibition to commercial gallery, Basquiat’s drawings come to the City and the centenary of the charming Ardizzone is celebrated


We must salvage what remains of the past: Interview with Johnson Chang

The guru of avant-garde Chinese art in the Eighties and early Nineties talks now of a return to tradition

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There has been a softening in the middle-range of the art market

Percentage rates are down in many areas for the first half of the season