Confederate monuments

Confederate Memorial coming down at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, DC

Now that a judge lifted a last-minute injunction, the monument will be gone by the end of the week

New York City Council bill calls for an accounting of all monuments to beneficiaries of slavery

The bill, currently under review by Mayor Eric Adams's administration, renews conversations about the role of public statues that lionise America's history of slavery

Florida bill would allow civilians to sue over damage to or removal of Confederate monuments

The proposed legislation is seen as an effort to defend Confederate monuments and markers in the public sphere by streamlining civil lawsuits

Congressional commission calls for removal of pro-Confederacy painting and markers at US Military Academy

But the Naming Commission's latest report, focused on the American military and naval academies, could not recommend the removal of a Ku Klux Klan panel at the former institution

Los Angeles alternative space LAXART lays down roots with $5m new building

After moving into its first permanent home later this year, nonprofit is prepping an ambitious show of decommissioned Confederate monuments

Confederate statue at centre of deadly Virginia rally will be melted down to make new monument

The city council in Charlottesville, Virginia, chose to give the controversial work to a local organisation over proposals to relocate it to Texas, California or other distant sites

Robert E. Lee monument removed in Richmond, Virginia

The equestrian statue of the Confederate general has been heavily vandalised since the eruption of Black Lives Matter protests last summer

Charlottesville removes statue of Confederate general at the centre of the Unite the Right rally

City officials are asking museums and historical societies to solicit interest in acquiring several removed statues

Confederate throne returned, two people arrested in New Orleans

The anti-racist group White Lies Matter had threatened to use the monument to Jefferson Davis as a toilet, but turned over the work unharmed

Jefferson Davis memorial throne stolen from Confederate cemetery—and under threat of being turned into a toilet

A group calling themselves White Lies Matter demands that the United Daughters of the Confederacy hang a banner critiquing white supremacy before they will return the ornate stone chair

Mellon Foundation announces $250m grant to 'reimagine and rebuild' US monuments and memorials

Amid increased unrest over memorials since the Black Lives Matter protests erupted, the grant will help fund new storytelling spaces across the country

Petition launched to replace Confederate monument in South Carolina with statue of actor Chadwick Boseman

Many say he "opened doors" for black people in the arts and artists like Toyin Ojih Odutola have created works honouring the the 43-year-old Black Panther actor, who died last week

Having weathered protests, controversial Confederate statue is felled by hurricane

Officials voted recently to keep the monument on courthouse property in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but Hurricane Laura made an executive decision

US needs monuments celebrating African American history, not Confederate statues

Telling America’s overlooked stories is fundamental to building a true national identity, says preservationist Brent Leggs

The war over racist monuments is escalating throughout the US

The disposal of Confederate monuments will not erase America’s history, but some say removing them from public view is crucial to moving forward

Art history fact check: Trump can’t tell the difference between Teddy Roosevelt and an anonymous Remington cowboy

Defending problematic monuments as educational opportunities, the US president misidentifies a famous bronze as a presidential portrait in a Fox News interview

National Trust for Historic Preservation supports removal of Confederate statues that glorify white power

Trust says such monuments “do not reflect, and are in fact abhorrent to, our values”


What to do about problematic statues?

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Virginia vows to remove monument to Confederate general Robert E. Lee amid ongoing anti-racism protests

Governor says that the state will "no longer preach a false version of history" as calls for racial justice echo across the nation

Monuments across the US are toppled, damaged as protests over George Floyd's death continue

Lawmakers mobilise the National Guard to quell destruction while demonstrators deface Confederate memorials and public works emblematic of white supremacy

'We must stop memorialising such a dark part of our history': official stance on Confederate monuments is shifting

Memorials honouring controversial generals continue to stir debate in many Southern states, but lawmakers are finding creative ways to deal with them

The Empire strikes back? Kara Walker's fountain makes a splash at Tate

US artist takes on British Empire’s legacy and the Transatlantic salve trade in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall

Virginia judge rules that two Confederate statues in Charlottesville are war memorials

City Council members seeking to remove them argued that they were actually monuments to white supremacy

Chelsea Manning says watching students toppling Confederate monument was 'inspiring'

Speaking at an event organised by London's Institute of Contemporary Arts, the whistleblower said the statue's removal aligned with her own passion for 'direct action'

New York City to move one controversial monument, while others remain

A commission created to review “symbols of hate” on city property has decided most will stay put with signage added to explain their history, while new works will be created to honour underrepresented communities

Public artcomment

‘The newly empty plinths are all potential Fourth Plinths’

The artist Hew Locke says a creative response to memorials dedicated to slave owners and empire builders can reveal hidden histories


The sculptures that unite America

As the debate rages about divisive Confederate monuments, five leading US scholars and curators pick the nation’s greatest memorial sculptures

Artists step up to the plate in statues debate

Colonial monuments and the US flag are subverted at Frieze London

Charlottesville riot hastens removal of Confederate monuments throughout the US

City and state governments around the country are looking at what to do with the controversial statues