A tale of two art worlds: how Black-centred art is often relegated to outside central London

The Association of Women in the Arts's first conference near Bond Street and the 'Lagos, Peckham, Repeat' exhibition in south London are worlds—and a lengthy commute—apart


Art for Tomorrow conference | What can art do for our democratically depleted, digitally distracted societies?

The role of art in a time of crisis was the subject of a three-day discussion between leading cultural figures in Florence last week

African and European museum directors pledge to cooperate at Dakar conference

The institutions agreed to collaborate in areas including restitution, digitisation of collections and exhibitions

How can live art be held in museum collections? Tate conference to share its conclusions

An online conference backed by a research project will explore how institutions can care for time-based, live and organic art


Five key takeaways from the first Gallery Climate Coalition conference in London

Dealers, museum directors and environmental consultants gathered to strategise how the sector can decarbonise and enact real change

Seven sites, including Venice, may be added to Unesco in Danger list

Of the 53 sites on the list—which will be reviewed at a committee meeting next month—only four are in the West

Art marketcomment

Millennials—monsters, or saviours of the art market?

What do young collectors want, what do they buy, and, as they become richer, will they add rocket fuel to the art market—or blow it up entirely?

Vote on Icom's new museum definition postponed

Decision over the controversial update was made at the general assembly in Kyoto on the weekend

Top museum directors on the challenges of climate change and mass tourism

Vatican conference on preventive conservation warns of environmental impact of short-term politics

International Council of Museums conference: institutions asked to think beyond collections

Participants in Milan will ponder the relationship between museums and the cultural landscape<br>


Why is the art market like a carousel?

Academic Olav Velthuis says growing a scene is “hard and tedious; but once it gets going it gets easier”

How to document heritage sites under threat

Project aims to create virtual archives using 3D scanning technology

‘You must guard your own henhouse and often from your own foxes’

Book trade calls for self-policing as library thefts are growing problem


How to get on with artists, handle mergers and avoid lawsuits

Legal conference tackles issues facing US museums, from commissioning work to developing diversity


Cambodia to host culture and tourism conference

Preservation, cultural routes, urban regeneration through tourism are all set to be discussed


All’s well in the world of museums

A look at the global climate of public institutions


New UNESCO protocol states attacks on cultural property during wartime will be criminalised

A new protocol allows for prosecution of organisations and individuals, putting pressure on art market professionals


Books: The “Spoils of War” 1995 conference papers

A survey touching all the bases, including losses, recoveries, legal debates, and cultural restitution

Fakes and forgeries at the Appraisers conference

“Trompe l’oeil: to fool the eye and to challenge the appraiser” is on in New York

Souren Melikian on collectors coming to the rescue in preservation crisis: The International Association of Dealers in Ancient Art's London Conference

The scholar of Iranian culture and International Herald Tribune art journalist says dealers could be the solution to recent archaeological disasters

Looking at the findings of the “Spoils of War” conference

The meeting produced revelations, but little hope that the return of looted art will be eased

Annual conferences meet in London and Seattle to discuss identity, display, and art history

The Association of Art Historians will meet at the Tate Gallery, while 5000 will gather for the College Art Association conference in the US

East meets West at Goethe Institute conference—but the gulf on restitution issues is telling

Conference in Prague on public galleries and private collectors hears of thefts and restitution claims in Eastern museums

The Getty Kouros: The masterpiece versus fake debate continues

Perhaps it is better to journey than to arrive, as the authentication process of this work has encouraged significant research into kouroi sculpture