Expert finds lost dress of Queen Elizabeth I in English village church

Rare 16th-century fabric to go on show at Hampton Court Palace after three-year study

History of Dubrovnik before, during and after Yugoslav Wars is recorded in photo book

Contrast of city's devastated buildings and monuments and some of their remarkable restorations is heartening

The Sistine Chapel's system upgrade: Nam June Paik's immersive video to be recreated for Tate

The late artist’s award-winning Venice Biennale presentation has been painstakingly reconstructed at Tate Modern—clunky old tubes and all

If Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man goes on show at the Louvre, we won’t see it again for a decade

Italian conservationists say they may attempt to block the loan of the famous drawing

Josef Albers's Manhattan returns to its rightful place in the MetLife building

The colossal mural, recently recreated, has returned to its home near Grand Central Station

Restorers discover shield fragment is 1,700 years old, making it the oldest German panel painting

Researchers at the Landesmuseum in Halle found fragments of paint on the ancient wooden object

Isenheim altarpiece restorers invite visitors in

Laser imaging comes to aid of restoration of 16th-century paintings and sculptures

Golden touch up: King Tutankhamun's coffin undergoes first ever restoration at new Grand Egyptian Museum

Famous Ancient Egyptian artefact transferred from Luxor tomb to Cairo for delicate conservation work ahead of museum opening

New law regarding Notre Dame says restoration must preserve its 'historic, artistic and architectural interest'

But attempts in the senate to ensure it will look as before the fire were dropped from the final version

Hidden number discovered in conservation helps reveal painting is from Titian's workshop

Part of the Wellington Collection in London, the picture was originally believed to be by a minor north Italian artist

'Robin Hood' environmental group files lawsuit over lead fumes near Notre Dame

Complaint accuses authorities of failing to protect locals from potential health risks after fire

A Wall Street lobby restored to its former glory

A vast Art Deco mosaic celebrates the artistry of its often-overlooked creator


In a first, Unesco gives Frank Lloyd Wright buildings World Heritage status

US architect's distinctive designs are among 29 designees recognised for their “outstanding value to humanity”

Dramatic speech in Baku challenges Unesco’s support for damaging Venice cruise ship decision

The non-governmental organisation Europa Nostra recommends that the World Heritage Committee put the lagoon city on the endangered list

Spot the horse: imaging technology reveals hidden secrets of Dutch Golden Age paintings

New algorithm, developed by scientists at the National Gallery of Art, precisely aligns layered images to reveal compositional differences

How the artist Robert Rauschenberg got his goat

Swedish conservators allow Monogram to travel to London, New York and San Francisco for a major traveling survey

Sydney Opera House roof gets special soundcheck

Getty grant helps to modernise tap-test of city’s tile-clad landmark

London version of Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l’herbe predates the bigger picture in Paris

Research supports theory that Courtauld’s painting is preparatory sketch for version in the Musée d'Orsay

Leonardo Da Vinci’s St John the Baptist back on view at the Louvre after a thorough—but careful—cleaning

The ten-month project faced “major media pressure” because of earlier restorations of the artist’s work at the museum

Vasari’s Last Supper back on display 50 years after Florence Flood

Panel painting was submerged in polluted water for 12 hours when the Arno burst its banks in 1966

50th anniversary of the Florence Flood: Memories from a drowned world

An oral history project on the 1966 disaster captures conservators’ stories of weeping officials and guards unknowingly treading on an Old Master

Rodin’s working methods revealed as his dancers give up their secrets

Scrutiny of clay figures and plaster casts shows how artist reused limbs and torsos

How the Townley Venus's thumb was knocked off at the British Museum

One of institution's most important sculptures, now restored, was damaged by external catering team setting up for corporate event

The man who spent 40 years preserving Palmyra’s past

Polish archaeologist Michal Gawlikowski on his hopes for the war-torn city and his friendship with murdered scholar Khaled al-Asaad

Concrete-encased Cadillac stops traffic in Chicago

Restored Fluxus work launches city-wide celebration of public art