Cultural policy

Emmanuel Macron woos French art world with call for new cultural policy that fights extremism

France's president also plans to install Modern and contemporary works at the Élysée Palace

Gareth Harris. and PHILIPPE RÉGNIER

German Green Party politicians launch petition 'for freedom of the arts'

Online campaign criticises right-wing governments in Austria, Hungary and Poland and warns that Germany could be next

$890m Sydney museum move could be most expensive gallery relocation in history

Critics fear that plan will lead to parts of the Powerhouse Museum’s collection being sold off

German culture budget grows to €1.8bn

Newly-funded projects include abandoned department store that was the set for The Grand Budapest Hotel film

UK permits Nazi-looted Meissen figure to leave for Japan despite spoliation claim

There appear to be no winners in what the Arts Council refers to as an “extremely unusual” case

Why the French can sell arms and culture to Saudi Arabia, but the US and UK only arms

France's latest deal with the Kingdom reveals the close connection between culture and foreign affairs

The blueprint for Saudi Arabia's multi-billion-euro project with France

We exclusively reveal the details of the plans for a “historic” collaboration

Open letter signed by over 100 artists, including Grayson Perry, slates UK’s education policy

New Ebacc qualification marginalises the arts and damages the future of young people in the country, say Turner prize winners

Prime Minister Theresa May reveals her artistic leanings

New £3m fund announced for arts projects in northern England at Downing Street reception for creative industries

Met hosts group of international directors for the Global Museum Leaders Colloquium

The event, launched in 2014, is a unique experience freed from “stage-managed dialogue”, its moderator says

France to help build a 'new Petra' in Saudi Arabia with estimated $20bn development deal

The country is due to sign a massive contract with the kingdom to turn Mada’in Saleh and the Al-Ula region into a cultural tourism destination

Italian far right wants to turn Fascist HQ into mega-museum

The Lega party—which may soon be in power—believes that Italy, through its culture, can lead the world

Louvre says ‘non’ to minister’s Mona Lisa grand tour

Françoise Nyssen proposed lending the work as a way to fight “cultural segregation”

Church of the Holy Sepulchre re-opened after three-day protest closure

Shrine was shut amid escalation of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities

Germany to set up help desk for victims of abuse in creative industries

Announcement comes ahead of Berlin Film Festival which will have sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination in the performing arts as central theme

Rasheed Araeen says British museums are failing to tell full story of 'multiracial' country

Tate rejected artist's project detailing “most inclusive history of art in post-war Britain”

Saudi mega museum—King Abdulaziz Center in Dhahran—is finally moving ahead

Cultural powerhouse in the Gulf—backed by Aramco—is extending its local and global reach

Erdogan replaces Ataturk’s cultural legacy with his own

The Turkish president is to demolish a landmark opera house that symbolises the modernity of the country’s founding father

Why I’m no longer funding Australia at the Venice Biennale

The financier and philanthropist Simon Mordant says the proposed restructure is 'not in Australia or the artists’ best interests'

Putin backed culture forum in St Petersburg sparks debate over artistic freedoms in Russia

The liberal intelligentsia say the culture sphere is under attack, while officials argue that it is flourishing

Germany names new head of Nazi-looted art panel

Hans-Jürgen Papier fills post held by Jutta Limbach until her death last year

Germany plans mega-exhibitions to boost cultural presence abroad

Government initiative to co-ordinate museum loans worldwide revives an idea of the late Martin Roth

Russia and Israel sign historic deal to share digitised Gunzburg Collection

Ownership of vast library of Hebrew manuscripts and books has long been contested

Women are under-represented and underpaid in German arts, study finds

While the country has made progress in providing childcare, it still remains an obstacle

US to pull out of Unesco by 2018

The State Department says the decision was based on concerns over funding and anti-Israel bias in the cultural organisation

Cultural push for Japan and UK post-Brexit

New Japan-UK season will bring together artists at the forefront of virtual reality and robotics

What defunding the NEA would mean for US museums

The country's cultural institutions speak out about the importance of the National Endowment for the Arts, as President Trump's office drafts a new budget

President Trump: the knowns and unknowns

First reactions to property tycoon’s election to the White House and what it could mean for the arts