Cold feet? Why fewer investors are guaranteeing art at auction

According to a recent report, guarantees are down—what's happened?

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Hedge to hedge: a secondary market for third-party auction guarantees is on the rise

There is a growing trend for guarantors to spread their risk by selling off parts of their guarantees—violating auction house rules

'In a guaranteed market, buyers and sellers crave the unpredictable'

The recent London auctions suggested a market of extremes, with some seeking the safety of guarantees and others speculating on works by young stars on the rise

Adam Chinn to leave Sotheby's after chief operating officer role is 'eliminated'

Former deal-maker, who joined the auction house in 2016 with the acquisition of Art Agency, Partners, will leave on 31 December

Guarantees: the next big art market scandal?

Third-party auction deals have made some people very rich—but they may be bad for the market in the long run

Anna Brady. , with additional reporting by Anny Shaw
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Common mistakes of rookie auction guarantors

Guarantees can be lucrative, but in the face of savvy competition, novices can get burnt when backing works as a third-party

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Auction guarantees are dividing the art trade

Insurance for sellers or market manipulation?