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Illustrator Pierre Le Tan's enormous collection to be sold by Sotheby's

Auction includes 40 drawings by Le Tan and over 500 eclectic lots from his Parisian apartment

National Trust needs £2m for Kenyan poet’s house

Otherwise the Wandworth house's unique fretwork decoration could be lost

Late Kenyan poet’s extraordinary house offered to National Trust

1815 Wandsworth villa with unique wooden fretwork interior

London contemporary galleries: Painting, painting everywhere

Iconic interiors at Gagosian, pucker and slide at Mummery, some great British grub at Holdsworth, painterly lavatory walls at Anthony Reynolds, strange girlish doodles at Cabinet, while Vic Reeves turns artist at Percy Miller

The Windsor sale: Stéphane Boudin and the rise and rise of the decorator

Once upon a time, connoisseur dealers or even museum curators advised collectors what art to buy. Now the decorators hold sway, and at the Windsor sale a decorator’s pastiche pieces outsold real antiques


Collection of interior design scholar Mario Praz reinstated to Palazzo Primoli apartment

Praz bequeathed the entirety of his collection to the Galleria Nazionale d’arte Moderna, in the hope that his home would become a satellite of the museum