Marlborough wins suit against Schwitters estate

Bacon executor denies parallels with its own case

Picasso case determines that faith in dealers should be warranted

Court says non-professional buyers do not have to check “provenance”

Marlborough sued over Bacon estate

Artist allegedly exploited and heir denied his inheritance


MoMA legal fees in Schiele suit disclosed

The museum has spent over $250,000 contesting the attempted subpoena of two paintings

The battle over copyright: Even in death, Dalí spreads chaos

Millions of dollars from reproduction rights, hundreds of thousands of fakes and the authority to authenticate works are at stake. The Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, set up to care for his work, claims that Demart, which administers his intellectual property rights, is failing to do its job

Interview with Brian Clarke on the Bacon estate: In litigation mode

The new sole executor of Bacon's estate talks in his first public interview about the teams of lawyers now working to see that the artist’s beneficiary, John Edwards, receives precisely what Francis intended him to receive. And that is everything

Rauschenberg posts bail for his works

The artist has reached a settlement to allow his works to continue touring after being sued by an art consultant

Rauschenbergs confiscated from exhibition

Police take works of art off the walls to recover $5.5 million debt

Descharnes wins back Dali rights from Spanish State

Dali's former secretary has been successful in his appeal


Warhol lawyer loses $1.35 million in court ruling

Mr Hayes was told that he was only owed $3.5 million

Looted artarchive

Daniel Wildenstein in fight to recover a Boldini stolen by the Nazis

Would Italian law allow this picture to revert to the original owner?

Divorce in casa Dalí as Gala-Dalí Foundation and Spain seize control

State and Foundation cancel their contract with Descharnes, the artist’s former secretary and administrator of copyright

Embattled Warhol estate fights legal fees

Christie's in the dock over whether Warhol's estate is worth $220 million or $558 million


Warhol estate claims artist should not have died

A settlement has been reached in the matter