The Andy Warhol Foundation

What counts as ‘fair use’? Debate over Warhol's appropriation of Prince photograph rumbles on

Photographer Lynn Goldsmith says recent Supreme Court ruling on Google supports previous decision that went against the Pop artist's foundation

Warhol Foundation offers $1.6m in emergency relief grants to artists affected by the coronavirus crisis

Grants will be allocated to artists in 16 US cities through the foundation's regional regranting partners and can be used to cover expenses like food and rent

Warhol's Prince series ruled fair use by a New York judge in contested copyright case

The ruling settles a heated two-year legal battle between the artist's foundation and photographer Lynn Goldsmith, who shot the original image in 1981

High-profile new lawsuits test the limits of fair use

Pending lawsuits surrounding Andy Warhol and Richard Prince could bring clarity to cases involving appropriation


Warhol to be studied in medical school

The initiative aims to help doctors improve their observation skills


Where are the 35 “fake” Warhols later reassessed as authentic?

Richard Dorment, Chief art critic at The Daily Telegraph, discusses the works


List of discredited Warhols now available

An unpublished list provides details of the fate of 44 paintings confiscated by the Andy Warhol estate in 1991


Lawsuit raises questions about Warhol authentication process

Foundation’s sales agent also worked for authentication board; president rejects claim decisions may have been made for financial gain


Rauschenberg’s foundation could outspend Warhol’s

The artist’s foundation reveals its intention to become one of the largest grant-making organisations in the country


The problem with authenticating Warhol

While some fear the negative effects of the closure of the vetting board, others say its role was not essential


Case against Warhol Foundation withdrawn

Joe Simon-Whelan spent three years trying to prove authenticity of a painting depicting the artist himself

Art marketarchive

Joe Simon-Whelan's Warhol authenticity claim over

Simon-Whelan says he lacks the financial resources to pursue his case


Warhol Brillo boxes downgraded to “copies”

Authentication board says famous museum director “falsified” their history


New evidence uncovered in Warhol Foundation lawsuit

Collector says a signed work from the same series confirms his work is genuine

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Warhol Foundation cast doubt on claims that artist worked with Warhol

UK auctioneer says Pietro Psaier worked in The Factory and died in the 2004 tsunami; his body has never been found


Artist John Chamberlain can be sued over disputed Warhol, says Judge

Former Factory assistant claims he made the disputed work


Warhol Foundation report looks back on 20 years of philanthropy

The New York organisation has disbursed more than $200m in cash grants and art donations since the artist's death in 1987

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Warhol board faces threat of class action

Movie producer Joe Simon-Whelan sues, believing his work is genuine


Grant for Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh to catalogue Warhol’s “Time capsules”

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has awarded the museum $600,000

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Trial Warhol prints may be authenticated in alleged policy adjustment for Authentication Board

A source close to the Andy Warhol Authentication Board hints at a change of heart

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Warhol “Athletes” commissioned for $800,000 to be sold for $28m

This is the first time a complete set of the series is on offer


Film-maker claims Warhol sexuality cover up

Denying the artist’s homosexuality makes his work more saleable, she says


The films of Warhol’s lost lover rediscovered: A documentary on Danny Williams

Esther Robinson’s engrossing movie includes footage of several of Williams’ films

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New documentary challenging the gatekeepers of Warhol’s legacy

Alan Yentob shines a revealing light on the secretive world of the Warhol Authentication Board

Art marketarchive

Art historians appointed to the Warhol Authentication Board to help judge attributions

The Warhol Foundation adds curatorial experts to attempt to ease the controversy surrounding its authentication board


Andy Warhol Authentication Board changes disclosure policy

The panel has agreed to reveal, on a case-by-case basis, why it rejects works, but the process is still far from transparent


Corbis to represent Warhol Foundation’s digital archive

Corbis already represents the archives of Christie’s, Reuters, Condé Nast, and the Ansel Adams Trust


Warhol Foundation gives $10 million to artists

The money is being given to Creative Capital, a nonprofit picking up the slack in arts funding


Andy Warhol Authentication Board rejects claims of impropriety concerting Ekstract silk screens

The board acknowledges that the artist “employed assistants”, but says that he “carefully supervised them”


Warhol board hits back against The Art Newspaper report

The panel has attracted controversy for refusing to authenticate works attributed by their owners to Warhol


Warhol authenticity?

Ada Berkowitz, New York

Challenge to the Andy Warhol Authentication Board

Four people are responsible for establishing whether works by the artist are authentic. Their decision is final. Now they are under attack by collectors who say they have ulterior motives for rejecting works

Andy Warhol at Sadie Coles: private drawings from the 1950s

These never-before-seen works show a more personal side of the artist

New York galleries respond to Andy Warhol retrospective

C&M Arts, Gagosian Gallery, and Paul Kasmin all jump on the bandwagon

Berlin Andy Warhol retrospective comes to LA

The blockbuster show comes to the US via London


Phaidon to publish Warhol catalogue raisonné

It will comprise of six volumes, beginning with his production from 1961 to 1963


Warhol lawyer loses $1.35 million in court ruling

Mr Hayes was told that he was only owed $3.5 million

Court makes decision in battle over Warhol estate

The Andy Warhol Foundation is appealing the case, which will be heard in October


The Warhol museum opens this month

At 83,000 square feet it is bigger than the Whitney


The Warhol estate undervalued, finds court

The judge’s ruling resolves the crux of the legal war between the foundation and the lawyer for Warhol’s estate

Embattled Warhol estate fights legal fees

Christie's in the dock over whether Warhol's estate is worth $220 million or $558 million

Daimler-Benz sponsors Warhol car crashes in Madrid

The series known as “Cars” opens the season at the Juan March Foundation

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