National Museum of Iraq

US officials return antiquities looted from Iraq Museum in 2003

The artefacts, cylinder and stamp seals dating back thousands of years, were seized after a US collector tried to sell one in an online auction

Nearly 20 years after the invasion of Iraq, an artist revisits the looting of the national museum in Baghdad

The Iranian-born artist Abbas Akhavan’s installation at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver re-stages a scene captured at the Iraq Museum in 2003


Iraq Museum in Baghdad reopens after three-year hiatus

Treasure trove of ancient Mesopotamian heritage—ransacked after 2003 Iraq invasion—was closed during anti-government protests in 2019


As protests rage in Iraq, experts say culture is key to long-term reconstruction

Iraqi culture ministry announces new national museum in Baghdad as Mosul restoration plan is extended to historic churches

Michael Rakowitz remakes works destroyed by Isis for first UK retrospective

Recreations of lost Assyrian reliefs will be on show in Whitechapel Gallery exhibition


5 years after the Baghdad Museum's looting, a little optimism is finally appropriate: Interview with the British Museum's John Curtis

The situation at the Baghdad Museum remains bleak but thieves are less of a problem at archaeological sites


Statue of King Entemena looted from Baghdad's National Museum recovered in New York

Following its disappearance in 2003 and an international sting, the Sumerian statue was retrieved


The destruction of culture in Iraq has been enormous; now conservation must be a priority

We can help by providing training in site management techniques, in museology and in conservation

Exhibition of Nimrud gold directed by the Copenhagen's United Exhibits Group coming to Europe in 2005

The venture is backed by the Iraqi authorities, who have a stake in the newfound Iraq Project Company


The Coalition Provisional Authority is considering a proposal to send Iraq's Nimrud gold on a global tour

The exhibition could raise money to repair the ransacked National Museum of Iraq


Details of National Museum of Iraq looting emerge

While the Warka Vase has been accounted for, reports suggest that the cylinder seal collection has vanished

Philippe de Montebello on the sack of the Iraq Museum: “Is it sensible for all the eggs to be in one basket?”

The Art Newspaper speaks to the director of the Metropolitan about the historical significance of the Iraq Museum's plunder and how disasters of its kind can be dealt with


International outrage as Iraq's National Museum is sacked by civilians

American army says it was aware of the risks, but did not protect the building as Iraqi nationals overwhelmed staff who attempted to defend the collection


National Museum of Iraq recovers 5,000 Sumerian artefacts

Archaeologists descended upon three sites in Southern Iraq rumoured to contain antiquities