Nevada Museum of Art

Nevada Museum of Art acts to reduce its carbon footprint—and energy costs

The museum’s ambitious climate action plan, unveiled amidst a $60m expansion, calls for cutting its building emissions in half by 2025

Interview | American artist Jim Denevan on his ephemeral earthworks

The artist, whose work was a centrepiece of the 2022 Desert X AlUla, has been creating complex miles-long temporary installations on the earth since the mid-1990s

'Native people are alive, not specimens or relics of the past': overdue retrospective honours Jean LaMarr’s groundbreaking work

The career-spanning exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art explores how the artist subverted categorisation in an era where Native art was still considered folkloric

Nevada Museum of Art launches year-long focus on Land Art in the high desert

The museum has also announced the forthcoming programming for its triennial Art and Environment Conference

Nevada Museum of Art acquires Judy Chicago’s full 'fireworks' archive

The museum aims to rewrite the legacy of the historically male-dominated Land Art movement

Nevada Museum of Art receives $1.25m from Tesla to boost its arts education programme

The automotive and green-power company is also sponsoring an exhibition that explores the intersection of art and technology

Ugo Rondinone’s day-glo desert installation Seven Magic Mountains gets a fresh coat of paint

The popular public art work has been restored with the aim of keeping it Instagram-ready through 2021 or longer

Trevor Paglen’s Orbital Reflector sculpture fails to deploy

The artist says the US government shutdown effectively “killed” the sculpture

Forthcoming Las Vegas branch of the Nevada Museum of Art Museum gets underway

The museum has tapped Heather Harmon as its deputy director and needs to raise $12m by October

US government shutdown shuts down Trevor Paglen's space sculpture

The closure of the Federal Communications Commission has delayed the deployment of the work

We have lift-off: Museum officials keep their fingers crossed as two sculptures hurtle into space

Fulfilling artists’ quests, a diamond-shaped balloon and a gold bust are expected to orbit the Earth