New Mexico

Analysis of fossilised footprints suggests humans were in the Americas 5,000 years earlier than previously thought

New findings about a set of footprints at White Sands National Park are prompting archaeologists to revise the timeline of human history on the continent

New Mexico gallery shows art in fallen tree trunks and on branches—for one-day show in the mountains

The Valley's latest exhibition is a one-day showing of works by more than a dozen contemporary artists

New Mexico Museum of Art adds $20.2m contemporary art outpost

The new Vladem Contemporary, which adds exhibition, education and storage space, aims to showcase recent art in a state best-known for its Modernist traditions

Biden administration bans fuel and mineral extraction within ten miles of ancient Pueblo sites in New Mexico

The lands withdrawn from future oil, gas and mining claims around Chaco Culture National Historical Park include more than 4,700 known archaeological sites

Biden administration moves to block oil and gas exploitation near Pueblo cultural sites in New Mexico

Chaco Canyon, a Unesco World Heritage site since 1987, was to be opened to drilling under a Trump administration plan

Forrest Fenn, known for burying $2m worth of treasure in the Rocky Mountains, dies at 90

The controversial yet colourful Santa Fe-based art and antiquities dealer announced that his treasure had been found shortly before his death

Proposal for a Judy Chicago museum divides a New Mexico town

Some residents object to exhibition space, arguing that the artist’s work is pornographic


California and New Mexico murals go digital with the Getty

Painstakingly documented by Ernest Long, this archive may be all that is left of many

The Museum of Fine Arts of Santa Fe aims to bridge the gaps between cultural differences in New Mexico

Time to stop being ashamed of those Conquistadores, and to think about the Spanish-speaking population today