Four years on and Norway is still divided on massacre memorial

Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg's monument, which calls for a slice of the Sørbråten peninsula to be cut out like “an open wound”, was due for completion in July

Peter Olsen to sell version of The Scream to open private Munch museum in Oslo

The collector hopes the sale will pay for the design of his proposed museum, which will be located not far from a building in which Munch used to work


Oslo collector Martin Schøyen sells 60 manuscripts

He blames Norway’s tax system for his decision

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Memorials to Norway massacre victims prove divisive

Artist Nico Widerberg’s sculptures welcomed by many, but the way an anonymous donor is funding them upsets others


We need Leonardos and Van Goghs, says Norwegian politician Carl Hagen

He suggests using Norway’s oil and gas billions to buy the best for the national gallery


Collector plans sculpture park to “celebrate women”

Sense of embarrassment about real estate investor’s concept


Norwegian dealer's estate to benefit charity

Médecins Sans Frontières will get millions from the sale

Munch collector to open private museum

Petter Olsen plans cultural complex outside Oslo


Artist Bjarne Melgaard is suing his former backer

Sculptor says collector made too many editions


Oslo: Buddhism’s “Dead Sea Scrolls” for sale to Norway

Saved from Afghanistan by top collector, the manuscripts pose an ethical problem