Palazzo Grassi

Marlene Dumas at Palazzo Grassi review—exhausting and uplifting at once

Venice exhibition elegantly displays the tension between seduction and repulsion in the South African artist's work

Star curators take on Henri Cartier-Bresson in Venice

Wim Wenders and Annie Leibovitz among those showing their unique interpretations of the French photographer’s own master collection at the Palazzo Grassi

Luc Tuymansinterview

Luc Tuymans: ‘People are becoming more and more stupid, insanely stupid’

As a major new exhibition of his work opens in Venice, the Belgian painter explains how painting can help us confront our own ignorance

Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable: Details emerge about Damien Hirst’s secretive Venice show

Finished just in time for the Venice Biennale, this project has been 10 years in the making

Stingel prettifies Pinault’s Venice palazzo

The Italian artist has selected his own works to fill the entire space

Pinault appoints curator for first Palazzo Grassi show..

The French billionaire chooses Alison Gingeras from the Guggenheim

Roll-over rate at Pinault's Venice exhibition spaces is too slow for many

Exhibitions at the Punta della Dogana and Palazzo Grassi rotate after two years

Knives out for Pinault over resignation of Palazzo Grassi director

After director quits, billionaire accused of grandstanding his private collection


France finally gets to see Pinault’s art in new exhibition

The owner of Christie's to show works from his personal collection for the first time

News from New York: Crumbs for Zwirner while Murakami pulls out all stops for Gagosian Exhibition

But the Japanese artist keeps French billionaire François Pinault waiting for his 13-panel painting

Pinault procures Polke paintings

Billionaire is set to open new Venice museum in 2009

Pinault brings new life to Palazzo Grassi

French billionaire François Pinault finally reveals his art

Philadelphia Dalí exhibition generates $55 million

Every available ticket sold for this blockbuster show

Loss of Pinault collection is “catastrophe” for Paris

A top museum director and a dealer react to the billionaire’s decision to show his contemporary art collection in Venice

Seen at ArtBasel: François Pinault

The French billionaire is the new owner of the Palazzo Grassi

Venice archive

François Pinault to buy Palazzo Grassi

Sale to Guido Angelo Terruzzi has been abandoned

The $2.6 million Dalí circus comes to town: No-holds-barred promotion of exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

A credit card company has spearheaded the massive publicity campaign for the centennial retrospective

Dalí must be re-assessed is the message of the Palazzo Grassi’s huge exhibition

Curator Ades aims to rehabilitate the artist as one of the great epic painters and thinkers of his generation

July 2003archive

Fiat ends sponsorship of exhibitions at Palazzo Grassi

After 17 years and 15 shows, the Italian car manufacturer has withdrawn funding from major kunsthalle in Venice

Hollywood actor Richard Gere in conversation with Balthus: Art, acting, life, and Captain Haddock

French-born painter Balthus, who died in February, rarely gave interviews and maintained that he delighted in being anonymous. His friend of 20 years, the actor Richard Gere, spent a few days at his Swiss home in December last year, where they enjoyed a long discussion, full of twists and turns

Pinault pulls the plug on planned Paris museum

The French billionaire has ditched plans for a contemporary art museum on the Ile Seguin and has instead bought the Palazzo Grassi in Venice

The Greeks on display in Venice and hidden war booty at the Hermitage

Palazzo Grassi's “Greeks in the West” exhibition is pulling in the visitors

Life is a game; life is art

From 4 April to 18 July the Palazzo Grassi is showing a 300- work exhibition by Pontus Hulten of the work of Marcel Duchamp,the artist whose ideas have pricked through the whole history of twentieth-century art. Here we publish one of his last interviews, made in 1966

Leonardo e Venezia show is beautiful but misses the mark

Fiat’s cultural showplace, the Palazzo Grassi, collaborates for the first time ever with a Venetian museum

Charles Charles Hope

Leonardo da Vinci next at the next Palazzo Grassi

Leonardo the artist and the scientist will be on show