Social history

New York’s ICP revisits America’s ‘shameful’ history of Japanese internment

An exhibition travelling from Chicago includes 100 images by documentary photographers like Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams, as well as incarcerated artists like Toyo Miyatake and Miné Okubo

Wende Museum of Cold War artefacts spills its secrets in California

More than 100,000 Soviet and Eastern European objects find new home in former Armory

Getty Centre displays Killip’s chronicle of de-industrialised Britain

Images from In Flagrante make up the core of this solo exhibition

Building anew: how Constructivism sought to remake the world

In the centenary year of the Bolshevik Revolution, exhibitions survey the art of the Russian avant-garde and put its radicalism in context

‘Humanity uprooted’: Noguchi Museum marks 75th anniversary of Japanese American internment

Timely show traces the lasting impact on the artist’s work of voluntary wartime relocation to Arizona detention camp

Documents signed by Abraham Lincoln go on sale at Sotheby's

Copies of the Emancipation Proclamation and the Thirteenth Amendment will go to auction

Palestinian Museum opens—with no exhibition or collection

The inaugural show is postponed, but a satellite exhibition will go ahead this month in Beirut


Painting the Reformation: the Cranachs celebrated

Six books reveal the multifaceted output of the elder and younger Cranach in Thuringia

Louis XIV: his mania for the cult of self

On the 300th anniversary of the Sun King’s death, the writer of a forthcoming biography of France’s most celebrated monarch reflects on the spectacular flourishing of creativity in his reign, and on Louis’s passion for self-commemoration, in everything from medals to sculptures and buildings

How the Cranachs made Luther unmistakable: Joachim Whaley on the Luther Decade

Part two of a series on Luther’s favourite painter and publicist

Luther, Cranach and political propaganda: Joachim Whaley on the Luther Decade

Part three of a series on Luther’s favourite painter and publicist

The Flux-Labyrinth: a multisensory bombardment from a more innocent time

The reconstruction of a playful installation from the 1970s at Frieze New York  failed to fully conjure its original anarchic, prankster spirit


Books: American art from Norsemen to Culture Wars

A well-written history of art in North America for students