socially engaged art


Feminist artist Suzanne Lacy on the possibilities of activism and public service in the art world

The artist’s current survey at the Queens Museum in New York revisits major milestones of her practice

At Frieze Los Angeles's BIPOC Exchange, buy art and give back to local communities

The Los Angeles artist and activist Tanya Aguiñiga has brought together several artist-led projects across different disciplines for a special section at the fair

Four billboards outside Hull, England: art project commemorates sex workers who have died

Collective of former sex workers and the artist duo Henry/Bragg are behind the installation

'Radical black resistance': Dresden exhibition to focus on legendary activist Angela Davis

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, Albertinum show explores impact of her visit to East Germany in 1972

Tara Rynders turns dance into a wellness tool for healthcare workers overwhelmed by coronavirus

After her performance in a New York City hospital was delayed due to the pandemic, Rynders started working full-time as a nurse specialist at a medical centre

Shaun Leonardo pushes for prison reform as coronavirus devastates New York's infamous Rikers Island jail

After his performance based on prisoners' experiences was delayed due to the pandemic, Leonardo pivoted his practice to support inmate release programmes

New York artist launches platform to link people in need of help with others amid coronavirus lockdown

Social practice artist Jody Wood started her S.O.S. online aid network as part of her belief that "everyone is responsible for caring for one another"