State Hermitage Museum


Mikhail Piotrovsky—Hermitage chief for 26 years—is an Old Master of diplomacy

Russian museum is pursuing global expansion with long-term plans under way for Barcelona and China

Piero della Francesca exhibition at the State Hermitage Museum is largest ever—with 11 works

Half of movable works by Renaissance master included in St Petersburg show

Putin demands ramping-up of cultural hub in annexed Crimea

State Hermitage Museum and Tretyakov are involved in arts centre in contested region

Pharmaceutical company pledges to restore beauty at the Hermitage

The Hungarian firm Gedeon Richter to fund three-year project to restore works from the Russian museum that relate to the concept of female beauty

Hermitage gets Caravaggio’s Lute Player back on song

First-ever major restoration for the artist’s only work in a Russian museum

Fashion display at Hermitage storage facility paves the way for textiles study centre

Peter the Great’s tailored justaucorps, Catherine the Great's gown and more on display in St Petersburg

The Hermitage's big Russian Revolution show that nearly didn't happen

Museum in tsars' Winter Palace, symbol of Bolshevik takeover, only decided how to mark 1917 centenary in February

Bacon and his inspiration at the Hermitage

See the conversation in Norwich exhibition next Spring


Hermitage and Pushkin involve Putin in new museum row

The two institutions have clashed over the future of modern masterpieces

Scholars absent from State Hermitage Museum conference with controversial Degas bronzes on the agenda

Experts have been silenced by fears of legal action if doubts regarding the sculptures' legitimacy are voiced

Hermitage Leonardo bust taken hostage in restorer's cash dispute

The kidnapped statue has now been returned to the museum

Charles Saatchi’s art to go on rotating display at Hermitage

Works on loan from the British collector will go on display in a room named after him; Tate to send Turner Prize retrospective to Moscow

Hermitage nears conclusion of deal with Iran securing multiple joint exhibitions

The museum's director maintains that the agreement is no major coup


The political power of a painting

The story of Raphael’s St George and the Dragon

Siberian billionaire funds $3m Hermitage exhibition tour

Industrialist Oleg Deripaska has become the Russian museum’s most generous private donor—even if his support is part of a public relations initiative

US aluminium giant sends Warhol to Russia

The Alcoa Corporation is marking its entry into Russia by funding the tour of a Warhol Museum show

Recent developments in restitution claims in Russia prove that some art theft is 'legitimate'; when it is committed by a government that is recognised by nations around the world

Unlike the heirs of Nazi victims, the descendants of collectors whose art was appropriated by the Bolsheviks are unlikely to have it returned


Costs of Afghan war may curtail promised State funding to struggling Hermitage Museum

Published accounts show that in 2000 the Hermitage raised 65% of its budget

Warhol tour begins in Russia

Russia’s first Andy Warhol exhibition has opened at the State Hermitage Museum

State Hermitage Museum's show of Iranian jewellery from Patti Birch's collection recalls an age where the export of archaeological finds was legal

The Shah's policy decreed that private individuals could sponsor excavations and keep a portion of the finds


Russian cultural institutions suffer collateral damage from the war in the Balkans

The director of the Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky, outlines the possible implications for his museum of the NATO campaign


A room full of MoMA in St Petersburg's Hermitage Museum

This marks the first in a series of planned loans of modern and contemporary American works from MoMA to the Hermitage

Twenty-five Hermitage “treasures” gained as war loot still unclaimed

Watercolours and drawings seized by the Red Army in a Berlin bunker in 1945 have been on show in the Hermitage earlier this year for the first time

Hermitage to exhibit Bremen Old Master drawings

Director does not foresee restitution to Germany