The Year in Review 2020

We asked artists to send an image that summed up their 2020 experiences—here's what we received

From coronavirus and lockdowns to US politics, this is a collection of postcards from "a year on the edge"

Art could have dwindled into insignificance in the upheaval of this year—instead it endured

Through the major shifts and moments of victory, art has proved itself to be cathartic, resistant and powerful


2020: the year in review

The Art Newspaper team picks apart this year's biggest art stories, from the art market heading online to the fight for racial justice

Hosted by Ben Luke. with guest speakers Anna Brady, Louisa Buck and Gareth Harris. Produced by Julia Michalska, David Clack and Aimee Dawson

No shows: the biggest cancelled exhibitions of 2020

From the saga over a controversially delayed Philip Guston show to an under appreciated female Old Master whose big moment never came

The best and worst art world moments in 2020

It was tempting to simply put “everything and everyone” in the bad-year column. But even this most challenging of years was not entirely terrible

Museums 2020: the year of crashing revenues and anti-racism disputes

Turbulent year draws to a close with sector wracked by pandemic lockdowns and Black Lives Matter challenges

Art marketanalysis

'One of the most shocking, tumultuous years on record': art market figures reflect on 2020—and guess at what 2021 might hold

The pandemic has ripped apart the industry as we know it this year but it has sparked innovation and conversation like never before

Art marketanalysis

Art market 2020: the year of cancel culture and bricks-and-clicks

A year marked by wholesale event cancellations and job losses has also seen the art market innovate to keep businesses going.