Cancelled: should good artists pay for bad behaviour?

Plus, Tavares Strachan on Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty. Sponsored by Christie's

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Immoral artists? Caravaggio, who murdered a man, and Gauguin, who had relationships with underage girls in Tahiti

In this first episode of the new season, we talk to Erich Hatala Matthes, associate professor of philosophy at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, US—who is writing a book on immoral artists—about how useful the notion of “cancelling” may be. With The Art Newspaper’s correspondent Tom Seymour and the photographer and lecturer Lewis Bush we explore the cases of Martin Parr and David Alan Harvey, two photographers whose activities have recently come under scrutiny. And, In this episode’s Work of the Week, the artist Tavares Strachan talks about Robert Smithson’s seminal earthwork from 1970, the Spiral Jetty.

Robert Smithson, Spiral Jetty (2004) Photo: Eve Andrée Laramée

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UPDATE: This episode was edited to reflect that Mercedes Baptiste Halliday attended the National Portrait Gallery in 2019 and not in 2017.