Rome villa with Caravaggio's only ceiling painting announced for auction with a €471m price tag

The Casino di Villa Boncompagni Ludovisi, also known as Villa Aurora, was decorated by Caravaggio in around 1597

Colnaghi gallery to lead research into €1,500 painting now believed to be by Caravaggio

Established dealership will manage restoration and authentication of disputed work offered at auction for €1,500

'Good reasons to believe this is a new Caravaggio': specialists cautiously vouch for €1,500 painting pulled from Spanish auction

Government does not want to repeat ‘export mistake’ of 1970s when another work by the Old Master ended up in the US

Art in 2021—treats include Dürer blockbuster, new Munch museum and Caravaggio anniversary

Influential works by Duchamp, Picasso and Mondrian also celebrate centenary this year

Cancelled: should good artists pay for bad behaviour?

Plus, Tavares Strachan on Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty. Sponsored by Christie's

Hosted by Ben Luke. Produced by Julia Michalska, David. Clack and Aimee Dawson

Vienna museum's Caravaggio and Bernini catalogue presents the artist's studio as a theatrical site

Exhibition at Kunsthistorisches on the two Baroque heavyweights helps to clarify the relationship between Roman painting and sculpture of the period

Caravaggio’s masterpiece St Jerome Writing gets its own wing in Malta cathedral

Huge tapestry set inspired by Rubens will also be conserved in the new annex at St John’s Co-Cathedral

Caravaggio and Bernini show promises to be about more than just its titular #barockstars

Exhibition at the Kunsthistorisches Museum will highlight the multiple trends and rich aesthetics of early Baroque art in Rome

Did US collector Tom Hill buy the 'lost Caravaggio'?

France's Gazette Drouot claims that Hill might have bought the painting and it could be headed for the Met in New York, according to a source

Ignored by the Louvre, 'lost' Caravaggio bought in private sale is destined for 'important museum'

Estimated to sell between €100m-€150m at auction on Friday, an anonymous buyer has snapped up the disputed painting that was discovered in a French attic

Lost artfeature

Lost art: the great Caravaggio whodunnit

Ahead of the painting's sale, the art historian Noah Charney asks whether the pricey work is a true lost treasure or one of scores made by Caravaggisti

Kamel Mennour to show controversial 'rediscovered' Caravaggio in Paris gallery

Judith beheading Holofernes—due to be auctioned this June estimated at £86m-£129m—will be juxtaposed with a Daniel Buren installation

How Caravaggio brought naturalism to Naples

Museo di Capodimonte examines the huge influence that the Old Master had on Baroque artists active in the city


Discovery in a Toulouse attic is no Caravaggio

There are too many oddities in the painting discovered in France five years ago

Art marketinterview

'I would give my head to be cut off—like Holofernes!' Eric Turquin on the Caravaggio attribution

The Old Master specialist who researched the provenance of the recently attributed painting on the joys of exploring French attics

Attic to auction: a timeline of the 'Lost Caravaggio'

The painting, thought to be the second version of the Baroque artist’s Judith Beheading Holofernes will be auctioned this June with an estimate of £86m-£129m

French state rejects painting with controversial Caravaggio attribution that was found in an attic

Now the export ban has been lifted, the work may go on the market after restoration

Lost artfeature

Lost art: Has Caravaggio’s long missing Nativity been found?

Noah Charney on the Carabinieri's efforts to track down the stolen painting

Did stolen Caravaggio go to Switzerland?

Mafia informant claims the painting, which is included in the FBI’s list of top ten art crimes, was sold to a Swiss dealer

Hermitage gets Caravaggio’s Lute Player back on song

First-ever major restoration for the artist’s only work in a Russian museum


Books: Caravaggio's diametrically opposed contexts in conflict

Across two books, the master's work is interpreted in divergent, not diverse, ways


Technology reveals Caravaggio self-portrait

Searching for underdrawings, conservators discover the artist’s reflection