Art and social media: do museums need memes?

Plus, artist Rita Keegan on her postponed show and Julia Peyton-Jones on Leonardo. Produced in association with Christie's

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A screenshot of the Royal Academy's tweet where they sent out a meme of the zookeeper Joe Exotic—from the popular Netflix show Tiger King—photoshopped into Henri Rousseau's painting Tiger in a Tropical Storm (1891)

This week we look at art and social media. Now the art world has gone digital, how should it engage with audiences online?

No museum or gallery in the 21st century can be without the various social media platforms to amplify its message and increasingly to deliver exclusive content to growing global audiences. This week, we speak to Adam Koszary, who’s in charge of the Royal Academy in London’s social media channels and has created numerous viral moments there and elsewhere.

We also speak to the US-born, London-based artist Rita Keegan who had it not been for the coronavirus would currently have a show at the South London Gallery. What is it like as an artist to have a major moment in your career put on hold?

And in the latest in our series Lonely Works, in which we explore art behind the doors of museums closed due to Covid-19, Julia Peyton-Jones talks about Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing A cloudburst of Material Possessions, also known as the Rain of Tools (1506-12).

Leonardo da Vinci's A cloudburst of material possessions (around 1506-12) Courtesy of the Royal Collection Trust

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