What will culture be like in the next decade?

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South Korea’s best-selling boyband, BTS, collaborated with the Serpentine Galleries for a series of major public art projects across the globe. The collaboration brought new audiences to the London institution, says Ben Vickers Photo: Taeseong Kim

We explore the Serpentine Galleries’ new report into Future Art Ecosystems: with existing art industry models under threat, can new ones emerge in the post-coronavirus era? We talk to Ben Vickers, the Serpentine Galleries’ chief technology officer, about art and advanced technologies. As his BBC radio series Great Gallery Tours continues, we hear from a Simon Schama, who is marooned in Trump’s America yet yearns for a sunlit morning on the Thames in London: his choice for our Work of the Week is J.M.W. Turner’s Mortlake Terrace: Early Summer Morning in the Frick in New York. And as unemployment in the US surges past Great Depression-era levels, we look at a historic cultural programme that may have pointers for this moment: the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act or CETA, a response to the economic crisis of the 1970s.

J. M. W. Turner, Mortlake Terrace: Early Summer Morning (1826) © The Frick Collection

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