Big money, new collectors: the low-down on the New York auctions

Plus, Fabergé in London and a rediscovered Dürer

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Recent New York auctions have us asking: is it boom time?

Recent New York auctions have us asking: is it boom time?

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This week, record-breaking auction sales in New York—are we in a new boom? Anna Brady discusses the big lots in New York over the last two weeks, and what they tell us about the market and the world of collectors.

An installation shot of the final room at the V&A's Faberge in London exhibition, which includes 15 Imperial Easter eggs Photo: Carlos Jimenez; courtesy of the V&A

In London, our deputy digital editor Aimee Dawson visits the Victoria and Albert Museum to hear about Carl Fabergé’s shop in London, the subject of a new exhibition, with the show’s co-curators Kieran McCarthy and Hanne Faurby.

Albrecht Dürer's The Virgin and Child with a Flower on a Grassy Bank (around 1503) Courtesy of Agnews, London

And for this episode’s Work of the Week, Martin Bailey, our London correspondent, goes to the Agnews gallery to talk to Clifford Schorer of Agnew’s and Giulia Bartrum, former prints and drawings curator at the British Museum, about Albrecht Dürer’s rediscovered drawing Virgin and Child with a Flower on a Grassy Bench, which is about to go on view at Agnews gallery in London as part of an exhibition, Dürer and His Time.

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