Coronavirus: dispatches from Italy and China

We speak to our journalists Anna Somers Cocks and Lisa Movius about their experiences of lockdown. Plus, we begin a new feature—Lonely Works—where we look at individual works of art that are now hanging unseen in galleries. Produced in association with Bonhams, auctioneers since 1793


The Week in Art

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We speak to our journalists in the two epicentres of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic thus far: Anna Somers Cocks in Italy and Lisa Movius in China. We hear about their experiences of lockdown, the response of museums and galleries and the effect on the art community, as the two countries enter contrasting moments in the Covid-19 crisis.

A candid video from our founding editor Anna Somers Cocks, who is on lockdown in Italy, shows how people are using their creative talents to keep spirits up during the pandemic Courtesy of Anna Somers Cocks

And we begin a new feature, turning the spotlight on works of art normally enjoyed by millions of visitors in museums across the world that are suddenly hanging unseen in empty galleries closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the first of the series, we asked the art historian and broadcaster Bendor Grosvenor to choose his "lonely work": Anthony van Dyck’s masterpiece Martin Ryckaert (about 1631), in the Prado Museum in Madrid, which closed indefinitely last week.

Anthony van Dyck’s Martin Ryckaert (about 1631) Courtesy of the Museo del Prado, Madrid

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