Art advisers

Saudi Arabia

Letter to the Editor: Saudi Arabia will collaborate with the world, not only France, to make its cultural heritage accessible

Al-Ula, the most important cultural heritage site in the north-west of the kingdom, will benefit from international standards in heritage preservation and planning


Art adviser ordered to pay $1m she made in private sale of Basquiat painting

The ruling in New York’s Supreme Court could serve as a warning to dealers and advisers


Sotheby’s buys prestigious art advisory firm in $85m deal

Founders of Art Agency, Partners will head up new department, along with Marc Porter, former Americas chairman at Christie’s


Collectors vs art advisers: the trouble with verbal contracts

The Maleki case exposes the perils of mixing business with friendship in the art world


Collector Leon Black hires Met’s head of drawings to help buy more Old Masters

George Goldner will leave the Met in January but continue to serve as an advisor

January 2012

Market predictions for 2012: the outlook is mixed

Tough times lie ahead for galleries, but auction houses and art advisers could continue to prosper this year

May 2007

The problem with art advisers

In 2007 we observed that while most are seen as opportunistic shoppers, some are as knowledgeable as museum curators

Rubell Collection

Speculators turned away from upcoming exhibition at Rubell Collection

The private museum will host its public opening tomorrow

Art market

Diary of New York art advisors: Nancy A. McClelland and Lars Rachen on trends in the decorative arts market

Sophisticated collectors are crossing over from 19th- and 20th-century painting

Art dealers

Thea Westreich, the visionary US art advisor whose grasp of the system determined the Kramlich Collection's success

She is the bridge between the private collector and the public