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The US announces plans to to return more Khmer Cambodian artefacts, adding momentum to Cambodia's quest for restitution

Cambodian officials believe the last two looted works out of seven are in Denver Art Museum and the Cleveland Museum of Art

Art Baselarchive

Art Basel follows Frieze’s lead with display covering art-historical endeavours

Survey, which will debut at Art Basel Miami Beach, uses Frieze Masters as its template


The forgotten collectors: Five significant 19th-century collectors

The contributions of tobacco heiresses and banking magnates explored

How to avoid digital boom and bust

There are plenty of grants for new digital projects but finding long-term funding could be much harder


Great War memorials go online for first time

The project has already documented around 2,000 works

American museums increasingly proactive about restitution cases

30 memorial totems were repatriated to the Kenya last month

Marina Abramovic dies on stage

The ceremony is part of the US debut of “The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic”

Isa Genzken gets a MoMA show

German artist’s first major US retrospective presents career of constant reinvention


Who sued whom: A comprehensive timeline of the Knoedler lawsuits

How a forgery scandal brought about the downfall of New York's most prestigious gallery

Conservators save Burden’s war from brink

Breathing new life into the installation that the American artist wanted to destroy

Women artists lead the way in Brazil

Unlike their Western counterparts, female Brazilian artists are at the forefront of the market

Museum of Fine Arts Boston gets Benin’s royal blessing over bronzes display

The educational display of objects, many captured during a punitive raid in 1897, have the approval of the king of Benin himself

MoMA buys Ellsworth Kelly sculpture at Art Basel

Nine museums, including MoMA and Tate Modern in London, are mounting special presentations this year to mark Kelly’s landmark birthday

Art enters the third dimension as 3-D printing goes mainstream

Assessing the impact of technological advances in 3-D printers and scanners on the art world, and what it means for the future