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Getty says it will appeal Italian court order to return Victorious Youth

An Italian judge has found that the work was discovered in Italian water, despite decades of rulings to the contrary


The dark web, surveillance dolls and Van Gogh’s zombie ear: technology’s role in art debated at Boston conference

While artists and museums embrace futuristic tools, legal experts point to a number of pitfalls with cutting-edge work


Rhode Island School of Design denies claim on Picasso by Alphonse Kann heirs

Provenance research commissioned by the university has found that-while the work was once owned by the legendary collector-it was not looted by the Nazis


Terror victims cannot seize Iranian antiquities, US Supreme Court rules

A 2008 amendment to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act does not open a foreign nation's assets to claimants, the justices unanimously decided


How the new US tax law affects the art world

President Trump today signed sweeping changes to the tax system that will impact wealthy individuals, art businesses and museums


Supreme Court hears arguments in claim against Iranian antiquities

Victims of a 1997 suicide attack want to seize ancient Persian tablets from a Chicago museum to satisfy a $71m judgment in their favour

Vincent Scully, fervent professor of art of architecture, has died, aged 97

His lectures at Yale University inspired generations to think about “the humanity within architecture”, says former student Maya Lin


How Trump’s new tax plan could affect the art world

GOP proposal could result in fewer gifts to museums and less art on the market


US court to decide on terror victims’ claim on lent artefacts

Eight US citizens injured in a terrorist attack are trying to seize Persian antiquities on loan from Iran to a museum in Chicago

Artists’ commissions, tech gifts and guns: the legal issues facing US museums

Delegates at a Smithsonian-sponsored law conference in Dallas heard about the challenges testing institutions as they move into the “new future”


From drones to fair use: the hottest topics in museum law

Nationalistic appropriation, brand control in reality TV shows, YouTube take-downs: American Law Institute’s annual course covered it all


How to get on with artists, handle mergers and avoid lawsuits

Legal conference tackles issues facing US museums, from commissioning work to developing diversity

Married same-sex couples to get art tax breaks

Museums could benefit, as well as spouses who inherit works

Married gay couples to get art tax breaks

Museums could benefit, as well as sponsors

March 2012archive

US grants copyright protection for foreign artists

The Supreme Court has upheld the right of Congress to remove works by foreign artists from the public domain


Possible US sanctions on Iran could create back door for commandeering of museum antiquities as damages

Persepolis tablets on loan to Chicago's Oriental Institute since the 1930s compromised in lawsuit brought by victims of Jerusalem suicide bombing

US Supreme Court to consider copyright extension for foreign artists

Artists argue that law could adversely affect works involving appropriation


Chicago courts refuse Israel suicide bombing victims request for seizure of antiquities from US museums

Iran was gratified by the ruling that a foreign state's property in the US is exempt from such inquiries

Calder in Chicago’s Willis tower in legal battle

Former owners of the building stake their claim over the 1974 piece Universe

California’s controversial restitution bill

Move to make it easier for claimants to recover looted art is dividing the state


Restored 18th century parlour from Connecticut open for public viewing at Yale University Art Gallery

Yale prepares for the 2012 installation of its decorative arts galleries by reconstructing a period room

Bringing back the Baroque—colonial style

Yale prepares for the 2012 installation of its decorative arts galleries by reconstructing a period room

June 2010archive

Animal cruelty law rejected

US Supreme Court rules that ten-year-old statute, designed to outlaw "crush" videos, is unconstitutionally broad

Restitution case targets Thyssen museum

But it may not be legally possible to sue Spain in the US courts


Vermont Church to sell Tiffany window for the homeless

Unless they find themselves subject to divine miracle

Artists and academics fight animal rights activists in US Supreme Court

Anti-censorship group believes law against images of cruelty limits artistic freedoms


Representation and diversity: America is changing, but are its art museums?

Most major institutions are still run by white people, are supported by them, and tailor their exhibitions to suit them


Collector and Madoff associate Ezra Merkin finds himself in court

He is accused of defrauding his investors, which include charities