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Art marketanalysis

All ears: why collectors can’t get enough of industry hype right now

In an increasingly asset-driven art trade, collecting by listening to the buzz is fast becoming the norm

Art marketanalysis

Livestreamed auctions make gameshows of art, but where is the glamour?

Christie's and Sotheby's have rapidly adapted to 'bricks and clicks' sales, but they will need to do more to attract top-notch consignments and the experience-hungry generation

Art marketanalysis

The art market is more neoliberal factory farm than finely balanced ecosystem: now is the time to 'rewild' it

The Covid-19 crisis presents an opportunity for artists to reclaim power from the institutions that buy, sell and show their work

Christies winds up belated summer auction season with £21.2m Classic Art sale led by £4m Rubens

16th century Italian marble attributed to Antonio Lombardo steals the show, but auction house's digital face is showing its age against stiff competition

Art marketanalysis

Could Covid-19 kill off the market for the art world’s star names?

Some big artists may be toppled from their pre-pandemic pedestals and new ones promoted to the art-as-investment pantheon

Art marketanalysis

A brave new virtual world or joyless mundane experience? Glamour of collecting gets lost in online translation

Digital transactions cannot replicate the social cachet of buying art at exclusive events—and prices will inevitably slide as a result

Britain's young artists had a hard time before the pandemic. What will happen to them now?

Inequality is rife in British society, not least in the arts, where decades of ‘class-cleansing’ policies have made it harder than ever to be an artist and designer

Can you teach an Old Master fair new tricks?

While auction houses are more aggressive and newer works dominate the global market, Tefaf’s exhibitors remain resolute

And all that jazz: upbeat sale at Christie's sees Tamara De Lempicka portrait beat record set just three months ago

Impressionist, Modern and Surrealist art auction last night made £106.8m, 35% down on last year—but with three works sold for over £10m

2020 vision: the big year of change for auction houses?

Supported by transformational new technology, the sector is ditching its traditional business model in favour of the luxury goods market

Art marketanalysis

'Christmas dinner without the turkey': little festive cheer at Sotheby's Old Masters sale

December auction generates less than half the total of last year's sale, with several lots failing to sell

Art marketanalysis

Tiepolo and Giovanni di Paolo spark excitement in underpowered Christie’s Old Master sale

Auction raised more than last year but supply still limited as Brexit-dominated general election looms

Snap and go: the pros and cons of the art experience economy

Immersive experiences define the most popular contemporary exhibitions, but where does this leave the commercial art world?

Rediscovered Rubens to star in Sotheby's Old Masters sale in New York

Painting depicting the Holy Family in an evening landscape has been owned by a Manhattan family for more than 60 years

'The nothings that threaten everything': how Banksy, Kaws and other street artists are shaking up the art world

Instagram power and the rise of the consumer collector are turning the art world upside down

The blue chip delusion: why investors should be wary of the brand name lure

Art is pitched as an asset class, but even big-name artists are not guaranteed to hold their value, let alone turn a profit

This could be the first Cimabue painting to be sold at auction in recent times

Panel depicting the Mocking of Christ will go on sale at French auction house, in collaboration with Eric Turquin, in October


Feeling the pinch: why the middle-class collector is a dying breed

The Vogels filled their modest apartment with contemporary art, but wage stagnation has seen the professional-classes squeezed out of this overheated market

Is this $30m portrait the 'last Botticelli'?

Painting will be exhibited at Frieze Masters next month, after a "style of Botticelli" sleeper sold for over £6m at Zurich auction in June

Newly launched Hastings Contemporary reveals an ‘entrepreneurial’ institutional model

Located on England’s south coast, the independent charity is collaborating with commercial galleries to mount exhibitions

Art marketanalysis

Price match! Old Masters vs contemporary art: what can you get for your money?

During London's Classic Week, we take a look at what the same sum will buy you at either end of the art historical timeline