Jillian Steinhauer

Frieze New York 2019

Whose museum is it anyway? The story of El Museo del Barrio has always been about representation

As it turns 50, the museum wrestles with concerns that it has lost its community focus


Art world’s wage inequality sparks waves of protests

While museums pursue multimillion-dollar expansion projects, art workers consider themselves underpaid—and feel the squeeze of a growing wage gap

Performance art

A global network for Indigenous performers launches in New York

Partner organisations will be “indigenised” by presenting a certain number of works by First Nations artists per year and build connections with local communities


Widower takes aim at chairman of Pollock-Krasner Foundation

Husband of deceased leader argues in court filings that chairman strong-armed his way into the post


You have to renovate to accumulate: three South Florida museums expand in very different ways

The Norton Museum of Art, the Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Museum of Art and Design at Miami Dade College show that museum expansions can take different sizes and forms


Battle brews over Washington’s arts commission

The mayor’s plan to curtail the powers of the leading arts funder in the US capital could reduce its vital independence


Washington, DC grant-making commission issues morality clause—then quickly backtracks

Works made with the funding should not be “lewd, lascivious, vulgar, overtly political, excessively violent, constitutes sexual harassment, or is, in any other way, illegal,” according to the clause


Artists join forces in bid to swing US midterm elections

Artist-run organisation For Freedoms’ country-wide initiative is a rallying point—even in right-leaning states


Digital platform aims to help artists get fair pay

Wagency, launched by the group Working Artists and the Greater Economy, has similar goals and methods to a labour union

Contemporary art

Mining the lessons of African American history

With a grant from the Art for Justice Fund, Xaviera Simmons draws inspiration from Jacob Lawrence’s Migrations series

Venice Biennale

Martin Puryear to represent US at Venice Biennale

The Madison Square Park Conservancy will organise the installation for the US pavilion

Commercial galleries

Artist withdraws work from gallery group show inspired by Peter Sellers brownface film

An op-ed criticising the exhibition for its dismissal of the movie's racist overtones has prompted some reflection


Andrea Fraser aims to hold US museum boards to account

The artist has compiled an exhaustive analysis of the political affiliations of trustees


Nicholas Galanin remixes Native American identity at Phoenix’s Heard Museum

The artist, who is of Tlingit and Unangax descent, confronts the traumatic past in deeply affecting ways but does not wallow in it

Artist estates

Will Robert Indiana’s legacy get stuck in a legal battle?

The artist wanted his home to become a museum but his 2016 will is being challenged


Museums too: what should institutions do when artists are accused of abuse?

As the #MeToo movement grows, US museums find themselves embroiled in ethical dilemmas

Conservation & Preservation

How do you conserve time-based media? Museums invest in research to keep up with new technologies

Symposium on the subject to open at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts


Fight over Frida Kahlo trademark takes a new turn as corporation countersues her family

The legal tussle escalated recently with a controversial Barbie doll modelled on the Mexican artist and feminist icon’s image

Frieze New York

The best shows in town during Frieze New York

From Adrian Piper at MoMA to Radican Women in Brooklyn


Photographer accused of sexual harassment closes show at ICA Boston

The institution initially planned to keep Nicholas Nixon's show open after allegations sparked calls for removal

Art crime

FBI recovers Chagall work stolen nearly 30 years ago

The painting, taken from the Manhattan home of an elderly couple, had been stashed in a Maryland attic


Museums have a duty to be political

Activist curators and directors can make truly democratic spaces, but they need brave boards to support them


US students and activists take creative action against gun violence

Protests included impromptu memorials to the children and adults killed in recent shootings

gun control

'Disgusted' Anish Kapoor condemns NRA’s use of his Chicago ‘Bean’ sculpture in advert

The organisation’s “intolerant, divisive vision perverts” the work’s democratic nature


The ethics of appropriation

Can art represent the culture of marginalised groups without exploiting them? Jillian Steinhauer investigates