American painting

Wayne Thiebaud, painter of lush desserts and disorienting cityscapes, has died, aged 101

Though he was often lumped in with the Pop artists who also rose to prominence in the 1960s, Thiebaud’s sensibility was distinctive, his appeal uniquely enduring

John Singleton Copley double portrait lovingly restored, pock marks and all

So-called imperfections laid bare at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Book Clubreview

New biography highlights how Philip Guston risked his art-world standing and livelihood

The book by Robert Storr delves into the American painter's dealings with Klansmen and how he wanted “to make paintings you couldn’t count money in front of”

A Southern belle with a range of painterly styles is bought to the fore in this thorough book

Dusti Bongé was an artist who lived and worked in the Deep South and who was a versatile, if little known, artist

From the archive—Frank Stella in 2012 on upcoming exhibitions in Zaragoza and Wolfsburg

Stella discusses a collaboration with the architect Santiago Calatrava in the lead-up to a major retrospective at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Basquiat: his market and his legacy

Beyeler exhibition aims to place the artist, who died at 27, high in the canon

Interview with Chuck Close on how his grandma’s crochet inspired his artistic vision

On the eve of a show at PaceWildenstein in New York, the veteran US artist discusses the importance of the year he spent with his grandmother when he was eleven

Interview with Ellsworth Kelly: “The freedom of colours in space”

Speaking with the American painter in Basel on colour, geometry, and learning how to see

Interview with Malcolm Morley: Paintings about the act of painting

After 50 years, Morley is still fascinated by the potential of the medium and is not too proud to learn from a “watercolour holiday” on an English barge with amateur artists

Interview with James Rosenquist on his month in Manhattan

Four exhibitions devoted to the Pop pioneer open this November, including a retrospective at the Guggenheim

The art of allusion: Interview with Damian Loeb

Damian Loeb’s work relies on the viewer’s recognition of the visual sources that he quotes liberally

Interview with Robert Ryman: Painting is for pleasure

Ryman has been painting white on white for more than 50 years. He talks about how his paintings work and which shade of white he uses

Interview with Steven Assael: Painting, the fullness of experience

The foremost figurative painter of his generation, talks about his passionate commitment to the art

Interview with Inka Essenhigh: "The world is big and time is short”

Essenhigh talks about her switch from enamel to oil, the difficulties of making pretty pictures and the ominous undertow of her paintings

Taken over by the doodle: Interview with Carroll Dunham

Like the Surrealists, Dunham believes that his unconscious dominates him as he works

Dox Thrasharchive

Heartache and the American dream: Dox Thrash at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Thrash deserves to be remembered for more than just his technical inventions