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New French art market report finds auction sales dropped 19.5% to $25.5bn in 2020

The Conseil des Ventes Volontaires concludes that China dominates global auctions, accounting for $8.6bn of sales and 35% of the worldwide market

Social media replaces fairs as the third most successful sales channel for galleries in 2020, study reveals

Websites have replaced walk-ins as the second best way to sell art, but staying in top position is outreach to existing clients, according to Artsy Gallery Insights 2021 Report

Instagram rules but don't expect loyalty: new report analyses our online art buying behaviour

The latest Hiscox Online Art Trade Report found that online only art sales at Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Phillips more than tripled at $597m

Female artists outperform males when their work returns to auction, report finds

A data study by Sotheby's Mei Moses reveals a 73% increase for work by women in repeat sales, while men lagged at 8%

Powerful collectors open up in Tefaf Maastricht's Chinese art market report

New study, released today, covers 40-year history of the country's market and reveals many private art museums run at a loss

Smaller galleries rely on just one artist for almost half their income, Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report finds

Gender parity and behaviour of high net worth collectors are focuses of the study, which calculates market grew to $67.4bn in 2018

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Art authentication is not an exact science

The process of art attribution has come under attack, with forgery scandals rampant

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Why the Christie's and Sotheby's duopoly is impregnable

The auction houses sell more than 80% of works priced over $1m at auction—can an underdog ever wrestle market share away from them?

Phillips and Bonhams see stronger sales on smaller lots

The auction houses' bottom lines suffered from unsold lots, continuing a trend of top-lot discernment during New York’s fall sales

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Latin American art gets a boost on the auction block

Broadening the sales strategy for Latin American art has been a positive move for some artists' markets

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How high will Hockney go and can his soaring market last?

A double pool portrait, estimated at $80m and offered at Christie’s with no reserve, could set a record for the most expensive work by a living artist

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Will the UK be able to take part in antiquities busts after Brexit?

Nineteen of the accused in Operation Demetra face trial in December, while the alleged UK mastermind awaits extradition

Top lots go unsold at New York's Impressionist and modern sales, proving a discerning but 'not doomsday' market

Monet carries Christie's evening sale while a Magritte shines at Sotheby's, marking an auction record for the Surrealist painter

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Paris versus Shanghai: photo fairs old and new compared

Despite censorship, China’s appetite for photography is growing but Paris Photo remains pre-eminent

Tefaf New York Fall proves a ‘chocolate box’ of a fair, though sales lack Maastricht’s urgency

Key Old Master European works were quick to sell while US-based dealers offer a more 'local flavour'

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Could sales slow at Artbo as political conservatism deepens in Colombia?

The divisive election of conservative president Iván Duque in August and resulting political tension may stymie sales at Bogotá's Artbo

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Will the market for artificial intelligence art take off?

With no auction precedent and little primary market data, Christie's sale of a work made by an algorithm tests demand

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Fair’s fair? The murky world of stand costs

Research by The Art Newspaper uncovers wide disparity in both fee structures and transparency

Anna Brady. , with additional reporting by Anny Shaw, Margaret Carrigan and Lisa Movius

Red tape is stifling German auctions

Stringent cultural heritage laws and bureaucracy are making consignments much harder to find

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Blockchain: Hot stuff or hot air?

The technology offers the promise of a world in which a work of art’s provenance is held on a single database—if it lives up to the hype

Georgina Adam. , with additional research by Alec Evans
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Rolling with the punches: how the art market bounced back

In September 2008, Damien Hirst sold £111m of art as Lehman Brothers collapsed, triggering a financial crisis. A decade on, what has changed?

Art dealers slam proposed European Union licence regulations

Revising import controls on cultural goods could impact negatively on trade, dealer organisations say

Martin Bailey. , with additional reporting by Anna Brady

Could fairs publish sale prices? Don’t hold your breath

“For all the supposed desire for transparency, no one will make the first move”

Online art market could stagnate unless transparency is improved, study finds

Annual Hiscox report estimates online market rose 12% to $4.22bn in 2017, but growth is slowing as platforms struggle to build trust and loyalty

Top flight dealers reap rewards of a growing global art market, Art Basel report says

But the number of galleries opening over the past ten years has plummeted 87%

Big data meets Old Masters at Tefaf Maastricht

As artificial intelligence becomes more common, the market is embracing tools that might help to bring digital natives into the Golden Age

Records tumble for post-war Italian artists

The colour white proves particularly popular as Sotheby’s expert heralds “a new dawn for Italian art”

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Standards are upheld at Art Basel 2014 with consistent sales throughout

Dealers seem to have come to terms with the pressures of showing at such a prestigious fair, and prepared well ahead of time

Poly Culture moves to reassure shareholders

Auction house addresses concerns over non-payment, forgeries and army links

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Art Basel, the final stop that brings art fair marathon to a close

The fair is one of the final Modern and contemporary events this summer

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Dealers have nothing to fear as crisis fails to impede sales at Art Basel 2011

The most expensive pieces may have been slow to sell, but otherwise it was as if the downturn never happened

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Chinese auction data lacks credibility

Leading British university research questions saleroom reporting

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Post-war and contemporary auction report: cautious but confident

Some good prices were made, but top quality works were relatively thin on the ground

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Key lots: Contemporary and post-war

Sarah Morris, Mark Bradford, and Andy Warhol are this season's London highlights

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Confidence creeps back for collectors after reluctance of previous year: Art Basel Miami Beach 2009

A new layout might have left collectors feeling bemused but, in the mid-range at least, they were prepared to buy

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Dealers breathe easier as profits from Basel remain consistent

Buyers eschew risk-taking to pursue the commercial, while Design Miami/Basel benefits from a new location


Cool start for Bâlelatina, Basel’s “Hot Art” fair

The satellite fair nevertheless found its feet with its specialist area, Latin Art

Art Basel Miami Beach '07: Promising sales on Day 1 a reflection of firm market

Concerns about the impact of the tumultuous economy seem unwarranted as buyers crowd Basel

New Korean buyers responsible for most ostentatious purchases at Design Miami/Basel 2007

As the market becomes more international, Jean Prouvé and the Danish school enjoy a resurgence

Art Basel/Miami Beach 2006 sees the breakdown of the binary between functional and ornamental

There has has been talk of an unusually high proportion of sales, particularly of design pieces

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Droit de suite is pushing art sales away from Europe

New report concludes that the levy mainly benefits artists’ estates