As the direct-to-consumer model for selling art gains ground, where does it leave traditional dealers?

As peer-to-peer trading disrupts the market, bricks-and-mortar galleries must reconsider what they offer collectors

Wanna shop for art like an NBA star?

Bronx gallerist Set Free Richardson is helping the stars of the basketball court tell a KAWS from a Kehinde Wiley

Henri Matisse, as only the collector Etta Cone knew him

Baltimore Museum of Art exhibition pays tribute to the French artist and his most ardent American patron

Sargent, Goya, Degas: Frick Collection welcomes its most significant gift to date of works on paper

The 26 works, promised by a New York collecting couple, enhance the museum’s current holdings and add new artists to its collection

Being young, Black and collecting art: my life in the art world

The trials and tribulations of building an art collection

‘Works made in Iran today are inextricably linked to the past’: collector Mohammed Afkhami on how art shaped his life

The Middle Eastern financier is bringing his collection to New York’s Asia Society later this year

Art marketAnalysis

All ears: why collectors can’t get enough of industry hype right now

In an increasingly asset-driven art trade, collecting by listening to the buzz is fast becoming the norm

Art marketInterview

'If you miss the train, don’t chase it, there will be another one': Ann Getty on collecting

Shortly before she died in September, the art collector, interior designer and philanthropist spoke about cranes with personality and buying what you love


From how insurance pay outs work to when to get your art appraised: a must have how-to book for collectors

This updated art market manual by Mary Rozell merits a place on any bookshelf

Lost artFeature

Lost Art: the disappearing art of how we buy art

How will the experience of art collecting change after the coronavirus pandemic?

Art marketComment

What sort of art will we want after the pandemic ends?

Performance out, domestically-sized painting in

Where to buy art that supports good causes during the coronavirus pandemic

Works by artists including Wolfgang Tillmans, Tracey Emin, Marlene Dumas, Martin Parr and many more, are on sale for as little as £50

UK Science Museum group is building a coronavirus collection in response to pandemic

Other institutions reflect on ethical concerns linked to Covid-19 material

Celebrating a generous donation to the Frick, this booklet pays tribute to the donor and his gift

The Arnhold family began collecting Meissen porcelain in the 1920s and the heir has given more than 100 examples to the New York museum

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'You have the right to culture with a capital C': Africa's growing collecting class shifts focus to home

From Marrakech to Cape Town, the continent's growing fairs and auctions scene is catering to a burgeoning domestic buying base

How a vast Käthe Kollwitz collection ended up at the Getty

Richard Simms, the 93-year-old donor, built up the enviable collection on a dentist’s salary starting in the 1960s

As Nazi objects and fakes enter collectors’ market, should museums show them?

Highly publicised sales and seizures of Nazi memorabilia raise questions about whether such items should be exhibited

Snap and go: the pros and cons of the art experience economy

Immersive experiences define the most popular contemporary exhibitions, but where does this leave the commercial art world?

Book of discarded family pictures reminds us of our mortality

Personal collection of anonymous photographs made from Kodachrome slides shows the transience of our lives

'I wish I had bought a Banksy': inside the collection of Mark Hix

The restauranteur tells us about his unusual Bridget Riley work and displaying his art on his new boat

‘I have works under every couch and chair’: inside the collection of Alia Al-Senussi

The art patron and consultant tells us about her special Robert Mapplethorpe gift and her love for her mother's ivory

'I have a work made of mortadella': inside the collection of Gemma De Angelis Testa

The private collector tells us about her dreams for her own museum and the difficulty of maintaining her food art

'Issy Wood is one to watch': inside the collection of Raimund Berthold

We talk to the fashion designer about lending a work to the Old Vic theatre and how he dreams of buying the Beyeler's entire Stingel show


The architects who build art collections: from Phil Freelon to I.M. Pei

While architects and designers are often inspired by the works of artists, their own acquiring habits are as varied as their influences

With Jean Pigozzi's contemporary African art donation, MoMA to become a 'leader' in the field

The museum says the gift will play an important role in the reconfiguration of its permanent collection

Collector's Eye: Hubert Bonnet

The Belgian art collector tells us what he's bought and why he loves it

Collector's Eye: Mario von Kelterborn

The German collector tells us what he's bought and why he loves it

Collector’s Eye: Bérengère Primat

The French collector tells us about her new foundation of Aboriginal art and why she resists the collecting mentality

Collector's Eye: Alejandra Castro Rioseco on collecting the work of female artists

Latin American artists feature prominently in the collection of the Chilean supporter of women's rights


Five minutes with… Lorraine Kiang Malingue on the Asian art market

Dealer tells us about the challenges of running a space in Shanghai’s West Bund and how the gallery keeps up with the growing competition


Collector's Eye: an interview with Haryanto Adikoesoemo

Art lovers tell us what they’ve bought and why


Collector's Eye: an interview with William Zhao

Art lovers tell us what they’ve bought and why


Tribute to Marella Agnelli—doyenne of high society

The art collector and museum founder who married into the Agnelli dynasty was a woman of charm and intelligence


Hustlers with a habit: what five Tefaf exhibitors collect and why

From Dinky toys to Old Masters, dealers share what objects take their fancy

Collector's Eye: Candace Carmel Barasch

The New York real estate heiress tells us what she's bought and why she loves it


Collector's Eye: an interview with Cheech Marin

The actor and comedian tells us what he's bought and why he loves it


Collector's Eye: an interview with Wallis Annenberg

The Los Angeles-based philanthropist tells us what she's bought and why

Collector's eye: Jonathan Anderson

Art lovers tell us what they’ve bought and why

Collector's eye: Estrellita B. Brodsky

Art lovers tell us what they’ve bought and why

Are super-yachts the best places to keep your art collection?

From conservation and insurance to customs and tax issues, the complications of keeping art on boats

Collector's eye: Jorge Pérez

Art lovers tell us what they’ve bought and why

Collector's eye: Dennis Scholl

Art lovers tell us what they’ve bought and why

Lost artFeature

Lost art: when works disappear into private collections

Noah Charney on works that are “extant but inaccessible”


Giampietro Campana assembled the greatest private collection of his age—then lost the lot

A new show at the Musée du Louvre reunites 500 of the collector's artefacts, showing his admiration for Italian art across the ages

Central and Eastern European artists come together to collect anti-populist works

Collection Collective launches new website as part of initiative that hopes to challenge institutional and private models of collecting

Collector's Eye: David Roberts

Art lovers tell us what they’ve bought and why

Collector's Eye: Christina Makris

Art lovers tell us what they’ve bought and why

Collector's Eye: Frank Cohen

Art lovers tell us what they’ve bought and why

Collector's Eye: Karsten Schubert

The dealer and collector tells the artist Michael Landy which work he would save from the Art Bin


Artoon by Pablo Helguera, September 2018

"Art fairs and auction houses are for beginner collectors—the Russian version of eBay is the big league!"

Lost artFeature

Lost art: the world’s invisible collections

Noah Charney on the Sadnikar family's extremely personal collection in Slovenia

Pinault Collection extends empire with Rennes show, new Paris space and long-term loans programme

French billionaire—whose collection numbers 3,000 works—has sold 130 pieces since 2000

Collector's Eye: David Brolliet

The Swiss collector discusses his love of Lichtenstein, his regret at not buying a Subodh Gupta when he had the chance and hanging art on his refrigerator

Collector's Eye: Grazyna Kulczyk

The Polish art lover on her fascination with female artists and how she wishes she could have been seated at Judy Chicago's Dinner Party

Can the art market thrive in a sharing economy?

Melanie Gerlis on how millennials don’t seem to have the same collecting gene as previous generations

Collector's Eye: Edouard Carmignac

The businessman, who just opened an art space on an island in the Mediterranean, on Alice in Wonderland and hanging out at Warhol's Factory