European Union

Art trade figures voice major concerns over new EU import licensing regulations

The restrictions will focus on imports of non-European cultural property


Spain seeks to improve artists' rights across EU but labour reforms at home fall short

MEPs back new support measures for creatives following Spain's Statute of the Artist decree, now in political limbo

EU dealers lobby to slash VAT rates on art sales

A directive that aims to create a single value-added tax system will enable member countries to set their own reduced rates internally

'Fatal for the French art market': dealers decry new EU sales tax that could wipe out Paris's booming commercial scene

The directive will make selling art in France much more expensive—and imperil its post-Brexit position as the EU's market hub

Why is art at the heart of Italy’s far-right political party?

Plus, Carnegie International, the US's longest-running contemporary art exhibition, and a mystifying egg sculpture

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British sculptor Antony Gormley acquires German passport to battle ‘Brexit disaster’

Angel of the North artist now holds dual nationality and is ‘keen to retain links with Europe’

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Art market money laundering crackdown spreads from UK to the US, but what impact is it having and are businesses taking it seriously?

Global inconsistency between regulations makes already complex rules more confusing and while the US is following the EU’s lead, its regulations do not yet include “flat art”—only antiquities

Romanian politician gears up to sue Brancusi's heir over longstanding copyright battle

Restrictive EU laws prevent the city of Targu Jiu, home to three public works by the Romanian sculptor, from reproducing images of his work

UK treasure items cleared for sale may soon face problems with export to the EU

New licensing regulations for cultural property may hamper metal detectorists' ability to sell legitimate finds on the European market

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EU proposes tough new laws on antique ivory trade—despite lack of evidence it leads to modern-day poaching

Proposal appears to contradict European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen's assertion that any new restrictions must be proportional and "evidence based"

In a swift post-Brexit move, UK rejects EU’s strict import rules on cultural property

The rules, aimed at preventing trafficking, have been opposed by the trade and UK government's decision not to continue may put EU art market at a disadvantage


As a Brexit deal is agreed, confused and resigned UK art world ponders life after leaving the European Union

Art dealers, shippers and auctioneers are unsure about how leaving the single market will impact their business—but there is a silver lining


Hundreds of art organisations outraged as UK withdraws from €1.46bn Creative Europe fund

More than 680 cultural figures and institutions sign open letter over decision they believe "threatens an impoverished future for British creativity"

Olafur Eliasson will create 'pan-European' work of art for Germany's EU presidency next year

The project, which is to be designed with participation from children and young people, will be supported by the Goethe Institute

EU adopts new rules on cultural heritage imports

Regulation is designed to protect against smuggling and cut off a source of terrorist financing

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French trade warns of VAT ‘disaster’

Warnings that the French government's proposed VAT hikes will undermine the country's standing in the global art market

Shining a light on environmental directives

European Union “green” guidelines create new conundrums for museums and artists

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Comment: droit de suite in the EU is bad for all art markets—and the artists it is meant to help

The British Art Market Federation chairman on Artists' Resale Right representing a serious challenge to market competitiveness in 2005

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Droit de suite is pushing art sales away from Europe

New report concludes that the levy mainly benefits artists’ estates


Franco-German accord on cultural diversity

Accord reflects fear of American cultural imperialism

Reviving a war-torn city

A plan to reconstruct Mostar's historic centre

Tighter copyright legislation for EU nations?

Even the most hidebound museum or public institution has now woken up to new technologies


Raphael looks after the arts: The EU's new programme for arts and heritage

While many details are yet to be fine-tuned, it should be ready to protect Europe's cultural treasures by the end of the year

European Parliament approves the Directive on the Restitution of Cultural Goods

There are concerns however about how effective or restrictive this regulation will be

Agreement reached on EEC exports and restitution

The Regulation to enter into force by the end of March, the Directive in October

The V&A recruits European talent

Dr Norbert Jopek to join Sculpture department

Ministers for the Arts meet to discuss art exports under new EEC regulations

Dondelinger proposes uniform controls on external borders and a restitution system