Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, Man in Blue VI, 1954

(est £4m-£6m), the work remains unsold

Bacon show for Zhukova and Abramovich's CCC Moscow

Having set a record for the artist at auction, the collectors put the art to work

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Contemporary sales, London: Phillips struggles in bid to lead auction week

But Bacon brings profitable business to Christie’s and Sotheby’s

Francis Bacon claims his place at the top of the market

As Tate Britain opens a major travelling retrospective, we examine the factors underpinning the meteoric rise in prices for the artist’s work and reveal the identity of his biggest collectors

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British Art Auction report: The Bacon and Freud effect

Recent record prices for the two artists boosted results for 20th-century British works, while Victorian art struggled


Roman Abramovich brings home the $86.3m Bacon and the $33.6m Freud

The London-based Russian billionaire has bought the record-breaking works; he has not previously been known to collect art

Portrait of Bacon’s lover to be auctioned

Isabel Rawsthorne diptych on the block at Sotheby's

RCA to sell Bacon as part of fundraising campaign

Proceeds will go towards new campus in Battersea

Bacon “rubbish” including sketches and diaries makes £1m at auction

An alternative end for the rubbish that was to be thrown out from Bacon’s famously chaotic studio at 7 Reese Mews in London

Rediscovered Bacon “rubbish” could fetch £50,000

Documents and paintings will be sold at a country auction

Author chosen for Bacon catalogue

Diplomacy will be required to deal with warring factions

A solution found to Tehran's controversial Bacon triptych

Getting minds out of the gutter - despite Bacon's wishes to be there himself

Two Bacons may share more than an interest in portraiture

See for yourself as Sir Nathaniel Bacon and Francis Bacon go on show in London


Books: Sutherland and Bacon, a story of friends disuniting

Graham Sutherland and Francis Bacon compared and contrasted

Arts on television: Bacon and Hirst as the bad boys of British art

Damien Hirst has carried on Francis Bacon’s violent legacy of “guts, blood and spunk”, but denies any direct inspiration

Books: Francis Bacon’s passion for the camera

This is the first study of the painter’s use of photography

Bacon Estate forces Musée Picasso to banish Joule material to basement

The drawings will also be in their own catalogue, separate to the rest of the exhibition


Rain causes Bacon alert at Tate

“Two figures lying on a bed with attendants” removed

Contemporary auction sales report: British art makes the great leap

Bacon and Auerbach triumphed as Sotheby’s and Christie’s racked up impressive totals


Tate acquires Bacon archive

Barry Joule collection makes its way into public hands

Is Tehran’s Bacon coming to London?

Tate hopes to secure the hidden gem

Francis Giacobetti interviews Francis Bacon: “I painted to be loved”

The last summing up, two months before he died, by the greatest Irish painter of the 20th century in an interview with the photographer Francis Giacobetti