Imports and Exports


In full: the text of the US Customs import restrictions on Italian archaeological material

The restrictions were imposed following a 1999 request made by Italy under Article 9 of the Unesco Convention


State intervention on humanist manuscripts in Feltrinelli Library sale at Christie's

Top lots go to private collectors, but the Italian State and European dealers put up a fight

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Changes to Italy's import-export regulations

An art dealer reads the small-print of a new Italian government regulation that enables its officials to “notify” works even when on temporary importation

Sir Denis Mahon threatens to withdraw pictures from Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery

Veteran collector and lobbyist for the arts opposes introduction of entrance fees


Vast exodus of art from Hong Kong due to fears of a Chinese clamp-down after the handover

Collectors fear changes to export regulations after British departure

Agreement reached on EEC exports and restitution

The Regulation to enter into force by the end of March, the Directive in October

Art export law: DGIII still has the upper hand to the relief of the British

But the technocrats of DGXXI, the Customs and Indirect Taxation Department, are drawing up the next set of proposals. To find out what this means, read on