American Museum of Natural History sues insurer over Covid-19 coverage

New York institution says it lost over $37m when it was forced to shut down, but insurance company caps potential coverage at $200,000

Slash and burn: does artistic sabotage always pay off?

A slashed Velázquez and a burnt Banksy achieved notoriety, but vandalism in the name of the NFT faces ethical hurdles

UK Supreme Court judgment on pandemic insurance payouts 'not a blank cheque' for art organisations

Some insurers using "aggressive tactics" to reduce barrage of claims following rejection of appeal on clarification of business interruption cover

Insurers fight $107m claim for Modigliani paintings seized by Italian police

A US dealer says he is owed millions by insurance brokers for 12 works that were confiscated by authorities from the Palazzo Ducale in 2017 as suspected fakes

UK High Court ruling could be 'welcome news' for arts organisations denied Covid-19 insurance payout

Judgment this week ruled in favour of the Financial Conduct Authority's test case seeking clarification of policies as many insurers refuse to pay out during the pandemic


Post-pandemic, the art market might return to 'normal'—but do we want it to?

Many in the art world see the impact of coronavirus as a chance to slow down the frenetic pace of global activity and rethink the whole system

'All bets are off': Hong Kong protests cause insurance headaches for dealers heading to Art Basel

With pro-democracy demonstrations showing no sign of abating, the fair is working with a broker to offer galleries cover at 20 times the normal rate

Art storage demands flare as California fires rage

Calls for emergency art storage are putting pressure on art shipment and insurance firms


Rule of law: Legal tips for art lovers

From new exhibitor regulations at Art Basel in Miami Beach to questions over insurance and taxes

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Insurers wary of covering fairs

Stockpiled works in large spaces is a risk too far for some


Tate's Van Dyck show on rocky ground as insurance obstacle may detain several works

Five iconic portraits may not be loaned to the exhibition due to legal anomaly


Basel art gallery forced to shut shows as Euro 2008 kicks off

This precaution was taken due to the safety of stock being compromised by influx of football fans

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Insurance for war loot claims on the rise

Increasing numbers of private collectors, dealers, museums, and banks have been buying policies to protect their assets


Insurance payouts for the Tate as Turners remain missing

Following thefts, Tate receives funds to repurchase works stolen in Frankfurt